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Zeta Attlast

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About me

Zeta Attlast is originally from Ethiopia Africa. Zeta started making music when he moved from the refugee camps in Greece Athens to Canada. He was able to connect with hiphop music as a source of understanding culture and the english language. At the age of 13 he began writing down rhymes and performing them to classmates. He got his big break with JAY-Z in 2009 as he won a contest that got him a meeting with Rocnation. JAY-Z was the first artist to ever invest in Zeta Attlast by giving him a educational experience and financial push to start his own label. Eight years later he is releasing his first single All Mine released on his own record label Attlast LLC and his own publishing company Vision Music Publishing International. The journey has been long the process has required dues to be paid but the vision was clear and the time has finally come for Zeta Attlast to rock the world with his brand new style of music he coined "Trapical" an infusion of Hip Hop/Dance/Pop Music. With high pumping beats, live instrumentation and hooks that will leave your brain waives stimulated.

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Submitted by Zeta Attlast

  • 04:47 Zeta Attlast

    Zeta Attlast "Pray For Houston"

    by ZETAATTLAST Added 515 Views / Likes

    I don't trust huge corporations to take care of us here in Houston. There is so much red tape to go thru for someone in need to get actual financial help. Many people that need it are poor and lack the knowledge to work a computer let alone go online and

  • 04:56 I Used 2 - MBRS ONLY

    I Used 2 - MBRS ONLY

    by ZETAATTLAST Added 448 Views / Likes

    I Used 2Zeta Attlast/Christian L.A.C.E./Jae Dash/Pj Simien/Julian Caesar/Ya YaProduced By Serious Beats Additional Production by A Redd/ZetaShot by @ITSTRU1Drone Shot By Instagram @shootinghoustonwww.attlast.cominstagram @zetaattlastinstagram @christianla

  • 03:59 We Don't

    We Don't

    by ZETAATTLAST Added 451 Views / Likes

    This song is about these instagram hoes...



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