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About Us

CheckThisArtist.com was created for all artist who practice their craft every night and day. These artist are people who work regular jobs to perfect their artistry. These people are unsigned, these people are independent. We are truly blessed to represent you. This is why you should stay with checkthisartist.com. We specialize in Gorilla Marketing a trade that has been lost since the online world became more powerful. We reach the people that you can not reach through your social media. we have vans that play your commercials, music videos and ads at venues, concerts, conventions, and festivals. if you need Public Relations (PR) we are the company that can get that done for you. This is the site where all Majors will be looking for the next big artist and we specialize on getting the next big artist to the next level. We created this site because we know what unsigned artist needs. Let the odds be in your favor. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Contact: CheckThisArtist@icloud.com 



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