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What the game is missing...Frankpo

Introducing FRANKPO, a highly-skilled
battle-rapper from Queens, N.Y. who has
some real heat for us this summer.
His latest free-style, “Free Smoke”, is a welcome
change for those hip-hop fans who still care
about actual bars, not just catchy beats and hooks.

FRANKPO came up in the era of rap when you
made a name for yourself by battling whoever
challenged you. “You had to be ready to spit at
anytime. The hustlers would bet on me all day.
My skills spoke for themselves and I always got the
job done.”, said FRANKPO.

Rap music has gone through many changes since then.
There is no longer a high-demand for tight bars as
long as you have an appealing image or fantastic
social media following. “I love the creative part of
making music. Anything I put my name on, I have to
be in charge of, and more importantly, be proud of.”

FRANKPO is currently working on his mixtape in hopes
that the third time is the charm. He released two previous
mix-tapes on DATPIFF, which didn't yield the response
he was looking for. “I am in a rebuilding stage right now.
Taking my time and doing things my way. I have a lot
of great music I want to share with the world and I want
the fans to keep an open-mind when it comes to judging
new artists. Expand your horizons and give the music a
chance, you won't be disappointed!”

You can check out FRANKPO’s music on SoundCloud and
DATPIFF. The video for the “Free Smoke Free-style” is
Currently available for viewing on YouTube. Other snippets
of his music and free-styles can be viewed on his social
media outlets, Instagram and Twitter.

Link to the “Free Smoke Freestyle”: 



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