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Sho B. new freestyle "Boobie Miles"

Queens rapper Sho B. is back with some heat! Earlier known as Sho Ballotti of rap duo Final Chapter with Al Gado, his new freestyle, "BOOBIE MILES", has the streets buzzin'!  

For 2:26 Sho B. surfs all over the Hip-Hop banger "N****z done started something" instrumental by DMX featuring THE LOX and Ma$e

Real Hip-Hop heads know that this beat never gets old.  Sho's clever puns and caption-friendly bars caught the attention of Dame Grease, the original producer of the track.  Dame felt his bars so much that he agreed to produce it.  Now that's a co-sign!

The official audio is now available on SoundCloud and the official video on YouTube. 

Instagram: @SHO57

Twitter:  @SHO57

SnapChat:   SHOB_57

YouTube Channel:  Sho Ballotti

Official Audio Link to Sho B.'s new freestyle "Boobie Miles" on SoundCloud:

https://soundcloud.com/sho-b-3/boobie miles

Official video link to Sho B.'s freestyle "Boobie Miles" on YouTube:



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