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    Embarking on a business trip to Jamaica, and ignoring (just a little bit) all the amazing things the Island has to offer, including the beautiful beaches and food, isn’t easy. But our travel to unearth the next hottest unsigned hip-hop artist in the Island was fruitful. 
    Our travel landed us in the Island’s capital, Kingston, where the bustling neighborhoods are no stranger to good music – or crime. In 2014, the city jumped up to the sixth highest murder rate for any city worldwide. The birthplace of Reggae superstars Buju Banton, Beenie Man, and none other than the legendary Bob Marley has pumped out many hitmakers through the years, making it the perfect place for us to start our digging. 

    And we learned quite quickly it’s the struggle that churns out the smoothest beats. Within minutes after our arrival, the crew realized just how things get down in Kingston.  The rugged, but inviting city provided us quite the experience. The trip started off with a little hiccup when our cabbie’s car literally blew up as we waited to head off to our hotel. But, by chance, the cabbies friend, Winsome, ended up being the key to finding our hot artist. 

    Winsome, a Kingston native with an ear for hip-hop music, hipped us to the area while she assumed the position of our tour guide. She took us to her friends beauty salon and there we got perspectives invaluable to our search before she got us over to our hotel. Two days later Winsome gave us a call and told us about a young artist by the name of FameStylez, whose music encompasses all aspects of the struggles, mystical beauty, and uniqueness of the island. Within hours we had FameStylez on the line and a couple hit records in tow. As a treat to our subscribers, we brought back a couple of his hits to the states.

    Click the link below and let us know what you think about the next hottest unsigned artist. Kingston stand up!



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  • New R&B sensation…ELLE VIE


    A breath of fresh air has just blown our way….
    sultry, smooth R&B singer ELLE VIE.
    If the clouds floating through the blue skies
    on a serene and sun-filled summer day had a
    soundtrack, ELLE VIE would sing it. This singer,
    songwriter and poetess is bursting on the scene
    with an original sound…peaceful vibes.

    She writes her own songs which are mainly based on
    personal experiences and trials she’s faced throughout
    her young life. “Music is just life to me period.
    It fills my emptiness. It's my passion, my purpose.”,
    says ELLE VIE.

    Though ELLE VIE was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. she spent
    the larger part of her childhood between Queens, N.Y.
    and Virginia. Her sound reflects the changes in her
    scenery, no two songs have the same vibe. One track
    makes you feel like your riding on the 95, the next
    track has you vibing on a back block in Queens.

    “Wonderful vibes is what this world needs and that's
    What my music is about. I want my music to bring peace.”,
    ELLE VIE says. She aspires to inspire with her music. “I want to
    make music that people can relate to whether it's about love,
    success or heart-break. I have a message for everyone.”

    ELLE VIE’s videos are currently available for viewing on the
    YouTube channel. Please check out this amazing young
    lady's music. We look forward to an EP coming soon.

    Link to video for “My Love”:



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    CHINA MAC, born Raymond Yu, hails from Brooklyn, N.Y.  He is a shining example of how one can turn his life completely around. MAC, who once led a life of crime and violence,is now an up-and-coming Rap artist, entrepreneur and owner of his very own record label, RED MONEY RECORDS.

    His father was part of the Flying Dragons, a well-known and extremely violent Chinese American gang. He admits that acceptance was the driving force behind him joining the gang.
    His life of crime eventually led to him serving an 11-year prison sentence. “I did a lot of stupid shit. I did a lot of stuff to cause pain and grief for people that didn’t deserve it. For that I regret it. I did some other things where I hurt people that didn’t deserve it. Now as I’m older, in retrospect, I look back at it with an air of ‘I shouldn’t have done that.’ But you live and you learn. If I didn’t do those things I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

    MAC was introduced to hip-hop at 8 years old and quickly fell in love with it. As a teenager, he would write rhymes and and engage in freestyle battles whenever the opportunity presented itself.
    Upon his release from prison, he decided to follow his passion for music. He began recording professionally with his engineer H.D.M.I. at SIGNATURE SOUNDZ STUDIOS in Jamaica, Queens.

    He attracted a buzz almost immediately! All of the time he spent in prison perfecting his emcee skills was finally paying off. The word spread quickly about this Chinese-American rapper named CHINA MAC, who spit bars like a machine gun. This was the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

    The studio became his second home. To date, MAC has recorded songs with some of Hip-Hops best and brightest emcees, such as JADAKISS, DAVE EAST, YOUNG MA and COREY GUNZ.
    His latest single, “Johnny Dang”, will be released on May 25,2017. The video for “Johnny Dang”, as well as his other videos, are available for viewing on YouTube.

    In addition to his RED MONEY RECORDS music label and other business ventures, CHINA MAC continues to tell his story in hopes of inspiring young men to follow their dreams and not sell themselves short with a life of crime. He was recently featured in a documentary on Rikers Island correctional facility, titled “RIKERS”, which premiered November 15, 2017 on PBS’ channel THIRTEEN.

    CHINA MAC is living proof that the mistakes we make in life do not have to dictate the rest of our lives and stop our dreams.
    Be on the lookout for more dope music anfrom Hip-Hop’s next best thing. His latest mixtape “GRINDING” is currently available on BandCamp, SoundCloud and YouTube. Check it out!

    Twitter: @ChinaMacMusic
    Instagram: @ChinaMacMusic, @REDMONEYRECORDS
    FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/MusicChinaMac
    SnapChat: SUNYUNGGUY
    New Video “Johnny Dang” link: youtu.be/-csyLi1djt0

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    New hip-hop sensation LOU GOT CASH is bringing
    his raw energy to the airwaves. His smash single,
    "PIPE DOWN", exploded on the scene with its tough
    beat and contagious hook. Then he dropped the remix
    featuring Remy Boy Monty and took over the radio!
    You won't find a club or lounge that's not bangin it.

    His break-out mix-tape, "That's a great name",
    made us pay attention. LOU GOT CASH's heavy buzz in
    the streets led him to a meeting with DJ SELF of GWINNIN
    ENTERTAINMENT. DJ SELF was impressed with young
    rapper's determination and strong work ethic. So much
    so, that he signed LOU GOT CASH to his record label and
    began promoting him.

    Since then things have gone from zero to sixty! He has
    two singles, "PIPE DOWN" and "MAKE 10" in heavy rotation
    on POWER 105.1 and he is regularly performing in venues.

    LOU GOT CASH has music circulating on SoundCloud, Spotify,
    iTunes/Apple Music and more than 25,000 Twitter
    followers. Not too shabby for a new artist. Look for more
    new music from this energetic rapper out of Queens, N.Y.

    Instagram: @LouGotCash
    Twitter: @LouGotCash
    Link to the video "Pipe Down": https://youtu.be/dxYxs7UOXZI


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    Rapper/Song Writer,GIOVANNI SNOW, was raised in South Jamaica Houses in Queens.  He started writing rhymes in his early teens, inspired by his older cousin who was an emcee.  Rapping began as a hobby and developed into his passion and his way out of the projects. 

    SNOW spent countless hours in the studio writing and recording music.  He didn't let a day go by without putting pen to paper or touching the mic.  Needless to say it was a welcomed distraction from the violence and negativity in the projects.  "The more I wrote music and rapped, the more I saw myself grow as an emcee.  The more time I spent in the studio, the less time I spent on the block.  Music is my passion man, I was made for this." 

    His first mixtape, "SO COLD", released on DatPiff.com, made underground rap fans take notice.  His followed up with, "#SUPAVALID MIXTAPE", which became an instant street classic and solidified SNOW's spot as a respected emcee.  Tracks like, "Do It Again" featuring the late, great T.K.O. The People's Champ, "Funerals and Caskets" and "Certified Loopy", had rap sounding like Queens again!

    A certified triple threat, SNOW writes his own songs and hooks, creates original hooks for other artists and has even taught himself to compose beats.  His unique sound embodies Queens at its finest.  He is the voice for those dealing with the everyday struggles of living in the hood and fighting to overcome adversity and poverty to reach success.  This is evident on tracks such as, "Where the F--- Is Home" featuring TKO The People's Champwhere they touch on issues such as gang violence, peer pressure and racism. 

    GIOVANNI SNOW is determined to use his God-given talents to rise above the negativity and claim his rightful place in the rap  game.  His first two mix-tapes, "SO COLD" and  "#SUPA VALID" have been very well received by fans across the 50 states and they are now anxiously awaiting the release of "#SUPAVALID MIXTAPE 2", set to release this year.  He is currently promoting his new single, "AMBITION", which is available for purchase and your listening pleasure on iTunes, Spotify, TiDAL and Amazon Music
    New single:  "AMBITION
    Instagram:  @snovanni 



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