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  • MARZ MUNNY...headed for the stars

    MARZ MUNNY a.k.a. “Mr. Chow” is an up-and-
    coming rap artist from Brooklyn. He's been writing
    rhymes since he was 14 years old and accredits his
    love of music to his mom and dad. “There was always
    music playing in my house growing up. All different
    types, from the Isley Brothers and Earth Wind & Fire
    to the Notorious B.I.G. and Mary J. Blige.”

    Music has always been a huge part of his life.
    Being raised in a rough part of Brooklyn, MARZ has
    seen a lot and done things that he isn't proud of,
    which eventually led to him being incarcerated.
    But instead of conforming to life in prison, his passion
    for music kept him moving in a positive direction.

    He used the time wisely, writing rhymes and rapping to
    anyone who'd listen. “My love for music kept me going
    when I felt like giving up. Even people telling me, “Yo,
    you sound good man, you're bars are tight!!”, helped push
    me through the darkest days. I know music is what I was
    put on this earth to do.”

    It was there that he developed his alter ego, “Mr. Chow”,
    which signifies his desire to “eat”. In other words, attain
    wealth to feed himself and his family. In prison “chow
    time” is breakfast, lunch and dinner...and his drive to make
    it in the music business had him starving.

    MARZ returned home with that same energy and
    got right to the music. He has released several singles
    on SoundCloud, including the popular collabo with fellow
    Brooklynite, FreshBeatz, titled, “10nb” (10 n better).
    And “Survival”, the dark, soulful tale of MARZ’ struggle to
    make a change in his life and those around him.
    Spit over a smooth, mid-tempo base beat, “Survival”
    speaks to the masses of young brothers fighting to
    create positive opportunities for themselves. He describes
    his music as aggressive and fun. “Some songs have a more
    serious tone but I also like to make fun music that keeps
    people smiling and dancing.”

    The self-described laid-back gangsta is passionate about his
    music and the affect it has on his listeners. “I’ve gone through
    many phases in my life and I'm still transitioning into the best
    version of myself. I have definitely elevated from who I used to be.
    Things I did before don't interest me but the music NEVER
    left me. I want to make good music and spread my good energy
    all around! There’s no better feeling than watching people enjoy
    the music I've created.”

    And his creative juices are certainly flowing as he works on
    his debut mixtape. It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser! And be on
    the lookout for the video for “Survival” dropping this summer
    on YouTube and WorldStar HipHop.
    MARZ MUNNY is definitely headed for the stars and beyond…
    with his music as the soundtrack.

    E-mail: MarzMunnyflg@gmail.com
    SoundCloud: Marz Munny
    Instagram: @mrchowmein
    SnapChat: MARZARATI
    YouTube: Marz Munny
    FaceBook: Marz Munny

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  • new artist...IMAPROBLEM

    Introducing new artist Imaproblem from Queens, N.Y.

    Imaproblem always loved Hip-Hop music.  He began rapping at age 13, free-styling with his friends in the neighborhood.  When he stepped into a battle his name said it all...the competition knew he was going to be a problem.

    He is a passionate artist who makes music from the soul.  "I'm inspired by the vibes and whatever I'm feeling at the moment so my music has substance."  He describes his sound as an harmonic, yet gritty New York sound.  "My music is a perfect blend of melodies and hard bars.  I've created my own space with this sound."

    When he's not in the studio creating new music with his team, DOPE GANG, he vibes out to fellow artists Travis Scott, Tory Lanez, Future and Meek Mill

    Imaproblem is currently working on his upcoming EP, not yet titled. Earlier this summer he dropped his self-titled mixtape "Imaproblem".  13 tracks of raw rap blended with trap beats and melodic hooks.  It is available for listening and download on Dat Piff.         

    The video for his new single, "Blame it on me" ft. Banga debuted on YouTube on August 2nd and it already has over 5,000 views!  "I want to make an impact with my music.  The market is saturated but I will stand out and become a household name."  

    Look out for new music from Imaproblem this fall. 




    Official video for "Blame it on me" ft. Banga: 



    Official video for "POPPIN'":



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    Corona, Queens’ own, DJ GULLY, is one of New York’s premier selectors. He has made quite the name for himself playing in various nightclubs and venues across the tri-state area.

    When GULLY is on the set there is NO space on the dance floor! It is impossible to be still during his live mix. He spins the latest hits and your favorite classics, while creating blends on the spot.

    When he's not moving the crowd live, he's on DTF Radio’s DigiMusic Tuesdays from 12p-2p, hosted by Ray DeJon. His success on DTF Radio led to him locking down a permanent slot on FM Radio’s 103.9 DigiMusic Saturdays.  Tune in to hear him live every saturday from 11am-1pm. Then please take a minute to visit FM Radio 103.9’s Instagram page, @radio1039ny, to cast your vote for The La Loca Show's contest, as she tries to find the perfect DJ to rock the Monday through Friday 12pm slot!

    Aside from playing in venues and on the radio, “Mr.Incredible”, also produces music for artists and is  grooming his toddler son, Gevonie, for the family business. At the tender age of three years old,  Young Gevonie, as they call him, already has mixing skills! Young Gevonie has rocked live sets at barbecues, community day picnics and even beside his dad live on FM Radio 103.9’s DigiMusic Saturday Afternoon Mix!

    GULLY admits that he may use a blend or two in his live mix that his son, Young Gevonie, created at home while they practiced their mixing. “He’s so talented. It's like he was born into this music and has an ear for it naturally. His mom and I very proud!” Keep an eye on this INCREDIBLE father-son duo. They’re sure to be headed towards great success and longevity.

    Email: GETITTOGULLY@gmail.com

    Instagram: @therealdjgully

    FM Radio 103.9: DigiMusic Saturday Afternoon Mix 11am-1pm

    DTF Radio: DigiMusic Tuesday Afternoon Mix 12pm-2pm

    Young Gevonie:


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  • Beantown's Boss...EDDY FISH



    Boston has a hidden jewel in its
    underground scene…

    Meet EDDY FISH, trapper turned rapper,
    with more real stories than a New York
    skyscraper. “My music is a dose of reality.
    No third-party tales, this is all ME.”

    EDDY always dabbled and wrote rhymes
    but his focus was on the streets, not the studio.
    That is, until things in the street became
    too perilous and his sixth sense told him to
    fall back. Smarter than most, EDDY followed his
    gut and decided it was the perfect time to take his
    aspirations of becoming an artist seriously.

    He began writing and recording songs for a
    mix-tape he would name, “Real N*ggas Know”.
    It was released on DATPIFF.com and yielded an
    awesome response. It was listened to just
    under 20,000 times! From presentation to
    production, “Real N*ggas Know”, was a solid project.

    This was the confirmation EDDY needed. He was
    ready to get into the music industry and make his
    mark. A self-motivated man, he reached out to
    Yo-Gotti, who was on the come-up at the time,
    for a feature and Yo obliged. “Whole lotta money”
    was the result. The single was viewed over 100,000
    times on YouTube!

    He continued to work with Yo-Gotti and eventually
    toured with him. He names Yo as one of his influences.
    “Going on tour with Yo-Gotti was a great learning experience.
    I had a front row seat to how things work in the industry.
    It gave me a blueprint to follow and I'm grateful for that.”

    EDDY has since collaborated with other big names such
    as Blac Youngsta on the track, “GOALZ” and most
    recently, Gucci Mane on the track, “HECTOR”.
    “Gucci came to Boston looking for an artist who was
    serious about the game to do a feature with him. The town
    pointed him in my direction. It feels good to know that
    people are noticing the hard work I’m putting in.”, said EDDY.

    Clearly his reputation precedes him. He is well-respected in the
    streets of Boston as a boss and in the rap game as a skilled artist on the rise.
    “I want the fans to know that I will not disappoint them. I have a vision for
    this. There are other artists out of Boston trying to break into
    the industry and I would love to be on that first wave. I want to be a part of
    shaping what's coming out of my town to bring everyone together.”
    EDDY’s label, SMG (SkyWay Music Group) is currently in its grassroots stage
    building up to be a major label that can support other artists.

    We have no doubt that EDDY FISH has the talent and the intelligence to
    do exactly what he's envisioned. His music is currently available on
    SoundCloud and YouTube. Check out his latest videos below, “HECTOR”
    featuring Gucci Mane and “GOALZ” featuring Blac Youngsta:

    Link to “HECTOR” ft Gucci Mane:


    Link to “GOALZ” ft Blac Youngsta: 

    Instagram: @EDDY_FISH
    Twitter: @EDDY_FISH









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  • Who is Joyner Lucas?

    Who is Joyner Lucas? 
    The Worcester, Massachusetts native, who by the looks of it has every hip-hop fan in The Bay State talking about him, became the first Mass. artist to spit at the B.E.T Awards cypher last night. 
    He more than represented for his city. His flow put a stamp on the B.E.T cypher in front of 12 million TV viewers. The talent he's offering has a future in the hip-hop world. It's a long time coming for Mass. to get some play in the game and Joyner Lucas has got the ball in his court. His latest cd release titled "Along Came Joyner" is available to buy off of his website
    Share this article if you think Joyner Lucas did better then the other cypher candidates.
    We're glad to see a unsigned artist progress. 

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