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New R&B sensation…ELLE VIE


A breath of fresh air has just blown our way….
sultry, smooth R&B singer ELLE VIE.
If the clouds floating through the blue skies
on a serene and sun-filled summer day had a
soundtrack, ELLE VIE would sing it. This singer,
songwriter and poetess is bursting on the scene
with an original sound…peaceful vibes.

She writes her own songs which are mainly based on
personal experiences and trials she’s faced throughout
her young life. “Music is just life to me period.
It fills my emptiness. It's my passion, my purpose.”,
says ELLE VIE.

Though ELLE VIE was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. she spent
the larger part of her childhood between Queens, N.Y.
and Virginia. Her sound reflects the changes in her
scenery, no two songs have the same vibe. One track
makes you feel like your riding on the 95, the next
track has you vibing on a back block in Queens.

“Wonderful vibes is what this world needs and that's
What my music is about. I want my music to bring peace.”,
ELLE VIE says. She aspires to inspire with her music. “I want to
make music that people can relate to whether it's about love,
success or heart-break. I have a message for everyone.”

ELLE VIE’s videos are currently available for viewing on the
YouTube channel. Please check out this amazing young
lady's music. We look forward to an EP coming soon.

Link to video for “My Love”:



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