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New Artist...Fuegobands

Introducing Fuegobands, hot new rapper from Queens, New York.

Fuego has always had an admiration for music. He grew up watching his father, ShotieBoi rap with his former group Co-ill-iton Cartel, who released two moderately successful albums in the 90's.

“My dad inspired me to be a rapper.  He was always writing music with his friends, going to the studio and doing shows.  He's the reason I am a true fan of Hip-Hop."

Fuego tagged-a-long with his dad to the studio and to video shoots on numerous occasions. He paid close attention and soaked up all of the jewels he could while silently plotting his inception.

Since then he has worked tirelessly on his craft. Now 18 years old, Fuegobands is ready to share his music with the world.

His distinctive sound and mismatch flow masterfully adjust to the melodies and hard bass-line beats he prefers. His music influences include Lil' Baby, Lil' Uzi Vert and his dad.

The video for FUEGOBANDS’ brand new single “DRIPSET” Ft. Nei Mula, directed by Trouble Da Great, debuted on YouTube July 4th, marking the beginning of his independent music journey. It will be followed by his debut EP, “BLUE FACE MAFIA“, dropping this summer.


Instagram:  @fuegobands

Official Video for “Dripset” ft. Nei Mula:


 Official Audio for “50 RACKS” ft. Swaggy Cee and Marky GZ:


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