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new artist...DANTE

Introducing new artist DANTE, out of Los Angeles, California.  His single, "Be My Shawty", is the third release from his upcoming mixtape, "No Hard Feelings", which drops on September 21, 2017.

DANTE's musical journey began with poetry.  "I've always loved listening to music and writing poetry, then the two kinda meshed together and it led to me free-styling.  I worked up from there to writing verses and rapping in High School.  I had an English teacher who would make me rap every time I was late for class, which was a lot! (laughing).  That helped me improve my skills."

Life and its experiences, such as relationships and the struggles of trying to make it in the music game, are the sources of inspiration for his music.  Hie is a huge fan of TuPac but also admires Pharell, Kid Cudi, The Gorillaz, Bryson Tiller, J. Cole and Drake.  "Making music excites me and that vibe can be felt through in my music.  It's not just the beat and the lyrics, it's who I am and how I feel while I'm writing and recording.  People always say I have a fresh sound."

DANTE is excited about chasing his dreams of hitting the BillBoard charts, and the release of his first full body of work, "No Hard Feelings", is just the beginning!  Go check out his music and videos on YouTube.


Social Media:
Instagram: @whoisdante
Twitter: @dantetran
Soundcloud: @whoisdante
Facebook: /dantetran
Youtube:  /dantetran
 Link to the official video for "Be My Shawty":  https://youtu.be/lui6uErSYhE


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