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New hip-hop sensation LOU GOT CASH is bringing
his raw energy to the airwaves. His smash single,
"PIPE DOWN", exploded on the scene with its tough
beat and contagious hook. Then he dropped the remix
featuring Remy Boy Monty and took over the radio!
You won't find a club or lounge that's not bangin it.

His break-out mix-tape, "That's a great name",
made us pay attention. LOU GOT CASH's heavy buzz in
the streets led him to a meeting with DJ SELF of GWINNIN
ENTERTAINMENT. DJ SELF was impressed with young
rapper's determination and strong work ethic. So much
so, that he signed LOU GOT CASH to his record label and
began promoting him.

Since then things have gone from zero to sixty! He has
two singles, "PIPE DOWN" and "MAKE 10" in heavy rotation
on POWER 105.1 and he is regularly performing in venues.

LOU GOT CASH has music circulating on SoundCloud, Spotify,
iTunes/Apple Music and more than 25,000 Twitter
followers. Not too shabby for a new artist. Look for more
new music from this energetic rapper out of Queens, N.Y.

Instagram: @LouGotCash
Twitter: @LouGotCash
Link to the video "Pipe Down": https://youtu.be/dxYxs7UOXZI


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