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Leon Dash is an Artist

A Photographer is an art form. An art form that has been mastered by a single person with one single camera. Leon Dash Ladies and Gentlemen is a pure photographer at heart, but the way he releases his pictures to the world of Instagram and his personal website is art. Leon Dash is a 23 year old professional photographer based out of NYC.

His primary focus is fashion with a twist of beauty and glamour. If you don't think he's talented, well one of his pictures was placed in the Vogue Magazine. If you take a look at his website you will see what we're talking about. Here are a few pictures from Leon Dash website and Instagram page. 


Leon Dash






Photo by: Leon Dash- Portraits 









Photo by: Leon Dash - Fashion 







Photo By: Leon Dash


Website: http://www.leondashmedia.com/#/home?i=165875

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leondash/?hl=en


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