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KYLE KNIGHT has proven to be more than a singer and songwriter.  He's morphing into a conscious Hip-Hop commentator.   

With his new EP, "THE TRUTH", he maintains his depth as a lyricist while relating to the mainstream. He is working his way towards being one of the most critically acclaimed songwriters of his era. He combines musical versatility with social awareness to keep his listeners entertained. Much like Marvin Gaye's, "What's Going On?" did for one generation, "THE TRUTH", is doing for this one. This song peels back the surface gloss of society and presents what is really happening.

KYLE's writing reflects a troubled world and what his life may have become had he given into pressure from the streets. The 1990's proved as challenging for KYLE, as it was for most young black males. He chose to hold on to music and use it as an outlet to vent his frustrations and deal with adversity.  

He has attained a steady and growing fan base using innovative orchestration and message-filled rhymes.  His sharp lyrics cut at the heart of current issues like a blade.  Whether addressing self-empowerment for men and women or hidden government agendas, KYLE's music reflects a progressive climb towards a more positive genre of music. 

He is set to entice new listeners with his full EP release, "THE TRUTH".  Equal parts storytelling and "reality rap", this EP is a journey through the realities of life from various perspectives.  It addresses issues such as political corruption, social justice, addiction epidemics, misogyny, and more. 

To KYLE KNIGHT'S website, www.kyleknightmusic.com, also features a compelling 8-part series, "The Truth Chronicles', to go along with the EP.  It is a documentary hat takes you an investigative approach into today's headline-grabbing issues.


Facebook: @kyleplyricpublishingllc 

Twitter: @kyleknightmusic

YouTube: Kyle Knight Music

Instagram: @kyleknightmusic

Artist Websitehttp://www.kyleknightmusic.com

CD Babyhttps://store.cdbaby.com/cd/kyleknight

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