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    Meet CHASE PE$O, a multi-talented rapper, singer,
    songwriter, record producer and director.
    CHASE grew up in a culturally diverse neighborhood
    in Bushwick (Brooklyn, N.Y.) which helped to developed
    his distinctive sound, a hypnotic blend of Jazz, Hip-Hop,
    Funk, Soul and Spoken Word.
    He and a few friends started a Hip-Hop group in mid-2000
    initially naming themselves “Renegades”, then later
    changed their name to “Team Fame”. The group did not
    achieve the success they hoped it would.
    A little disappointed but not discouraged, CHASE PE$O
    decided to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia, where the
    music scene was popping, to pursue a career as a solo artist.
    He put his talent for songwriting to work and before you know it,
    he was a part of a creative writing team alongside AKON and
    Roscoe Dash. This opened the door for his music.
    Shortly after he released his debut EP, “LOVE or LUST”.
    It was a success! After years of grinding CHASE PE$O
    had finally released his solo project.
    He followed up with his sophomore EP, “Glass Jars and
    Butterfly Tops”, in summer of 2015. It was instantly hailed
    an “underground classic”. CHASE’s ability to mix lyricism and
    conscious elements with his sound made him unique.
    In March of 2017 CHASE PE$O and his group M.U.L.A. Society
    independently released a compilation album titled,
    “Welcome to M.U.L.A.ville”.
    They are currently touring the tri-state and East/West coasts
    promoting the album and CHASE’s latest single, “Chico DeBarge”.
    The remix featuring Chico DeBarge himself and fellow Brooklyn
    rapper MAINO will de dropping this summer.
    Check out CHASE PE$O and the M.U.L.A. Society’s music and
    videos on iTunes, Spotify and the YouTube channel.

    • Email: Chase PESO

    • Spotify: Chase PESO

    • Apple Music: Chase PESO

    • YouTube: Chase PESO

    • Tidal: Chase PESO

    • Google Play: Chase PESO

    • SoundCloud: Chase PESO

    • Instagram: @ChasePESO_MULA

    • Twitter: @ChasePESO__

    • Facebook: Chase PESO (Personal)

    • Facebook: Chase PESO (Music Page)



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  • New R&B sensation…ELLE VIE


    A breath of fresh air has just blown our way….
    sultry, smooth R&B singer ELLE VIE.
    If the clouds floating through the blue skies
    on a serene and sun-filled summer day had a
    soundtrack, ELLE VIE would sing it. This singer,
    songwriter and poetess is bursting on the scene
    with an original sound…peaceful vibes.

    She writes her own songs which are mainly based on
    personal experiences and trials she’s faced throughout
    her young life. “Music is just life to me period.
    It fills my emptiness. It's my passion, my purpose.”,
    says ELLE VIE.

    Though ELLE VIE was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. she spent
    the larger part of her childhood between Queens, N.Y.
    and Virginia. Her sound reflects the changes in her
    scenery, no two songs have the same vibe. One track
    makes you feel like your riding on the 95, the next
    track has you vibing on a back block in Queens.

    “Wonderful vibes is what this world needs and that's
    What my music is about. I want my music to bring peace.”,
    ELLE VIE says. She aspires to inspire with her music. “I want to
    make music that people can relate to whether it's about love,
    success or heart-break. I have a message for everyone.”

    ELLE VIE’s videos are currently available for viewing on the
    YouTube channel. Please check out this amazing young
    lady's music. We look forward to an EP coming soon.

    Link to video for “My Love”:



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  • Beantown's Boss...EDDY FISH



    Boston has a hidden jewel in its
    underground scene…

    Meet EDDY FISH, trapper turned rapper,
    with more real stories than a New York
    skyscraper. “My music is a dose of reality.
    No third-party tales, this is all ME.”

    EDDY always dabbled and wrote rhymes
    but his focus was on the streets, not the studio.
    That is, until things in the street became
    too perilous and his sixth sense told him to
    fall back. Smarter than most, EDDY followed his
    gut and decided it was the perfect time to take his
    aspirations of becoming an artist seriously.

    He began writing and recording songs for a
    mix-tape he would name, “Real N*ggas Know”.
    It was released on and yielded an
    awesome response. It was listened to just
    under 20,000 times! From presentation to
    production, “Real N*ggas Know”, was a solid project.

    This was the confirmation EDDY needed. He was
    ready to get into the music industry and make his
    mark. A self-motivated man, he reached out to
    Yo-Gotti, who was on the come-up at the time,
    for a feature and Yo obliged. “Whole lotta money”
    was the result. The single was viewed over 100,000
    times on YouTube!

    He continued to work with Yo-Gotti and eventually
    toured with him. He names Yo as one of his influences.
    “Going on tour with Yo-Gotti was a great learning experience.
    I had a front row seat to how things work in the industry.
    It gave me a blueprint to follow and I'm grateful for that.”

    EDDY has since collaborated with other big names such
    as Blac Youngsta on the track, “GOALZ” and most
    recently, Gucci Mane on the track, “HECTOR”.
    “Gucci came to Boston looking for an artist who was
    serious about the game to do a feature with him. The town
    pointed him in my direction. It feels good to know that
    people are noticing the hard work I’m putting in.”, said EDDY.

    Clearly his reputation precedes him. He is well-respected in the
    streets of Boston as a boss and in the rap game as a skilled artist on the rise.
    “I want the fans to know that I will not disappoint them. I have a vision for
    this. There are other artists out of Boston trying to break into
    the industry and I would love to be on that first wave. I want to be a part of
    shaping what's coming out of my town to bring everyone together.”
    EDDY’s label, SMG (SkyWay Music Group) is currently in its grassroots stage
    building up to be a major label that can support other artists.

    We have no doubt that EDDY FISH has the talent and the intelligence to
    do exactly what he's envisioned. His music is currently available on
    SoundCloud and YouTube. Check out his latest videos below, “HECTOR”
    featuring Gucci Mane and “GOALZ” featuring Blac Youngsta:

    Link to “HECTOR” ft Gucci Mane:


    Link to “GOALZ” ft Blac Youngsta: 

    Instagram: @EDDY_FISH
    Twitter: @EDDY_FISH









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  • What the game is missing...Frankpo

    Introducing FRANKPO, a highly-skilled
    battle-rapper from Queens, N.Y. who has
    some real heat for us this summer.
    His latest free-style, “Free Smoke”, is a welcome
    change for those hip-hop fans who still care
    about actual bars, not just catchy beats and hooks.

    FRANKPO came up in the era of rap when you
    made a name for yourself by battling whoever
    challenged you. “You had to be ready to spit at
    anytime. The hustlers would bet on me all day.
    My skills spoke for themselves and I always got the
    job done.”, said FRANKPO.

    Rap music has gone through many changes since then.
    There is no longer a high-demand for tight bars as
    long as you have an appealing image or fantastic
    social media following. “I love the creative part of
    making music. Anything I put my name on, I have to
    be in charge of, and more importantly, be proud of.”

    FRANKPO is currently working on his mixtape in hopes
    that the third time is the charm. He released two previous
    mix-tapes on DATPIFF, which didn't yield the response
    he was looking for. “I am in a rebuilding stage right now.
    Taking my time and doing things my way. I have a lot
    of great music I want to share with the world and I want
    the fans to keep an open-mind when it comes to judging
    new artists. Expand your horizons and give the music a
    chance, you won't be disappointed!”

    You can check out FRANKPO’s music on SoundCloud and
    DATPIFF. The video for the “Free Smoke Free-style” is
    Currently available for viewing on YouTube. Other snippets
    of his music and free-styles can be viewed on his social
    media outlets, Instagram and Twitter.

    Instagram: @FRANKPOMUSIC
    Twitter: @FRANKPOMUSIC
    Link to the “Free Smoke Freestyle”: 



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    New hip-hop sensation LOU GOT CASH is bringing
    his raw energy to the airwaves. His smash single,
    "PIPE DOWN", exploded on the scene with its tough
    beat and contagious hook. Then he dropped the remix
    featuring Remy Boy Monty and took over the radio!
    You won't find a club or lounge that's not bangin it.

    His break-out mix-tape, "That's a great name",
    made us pay attention. LOU GOT CASH's heavy buzz in
    the streets led him to a meeting with DJ SELF of GWINNIN
    ENTERTAINMENT. DJ SELF was impressed with young
    rapper's determination and strong work ethic. So much
    so, that he signed LOU GOT CASH to his record label and
    began promoting him.

    Since then things have gone from zero to sixty! He has
    two singles, "PIPE DOWN" and "MAKE 10" in heavy rotation
    on POWER 105.1 and he is regularly performing in venues.

    LOU GOT CASH has music circulating on SoundCloud, Spotify,
    iTunes/Apple Music and more than 25,000 Twitter
    followers. Not too shabby for a new artist. Look for more
    new music from this energetic rapper out of Queens, N.Y.

    Instagram: @LouGotCash
    Twitter: @LouGotCash
    Link to the video "Pipe Down":


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