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  • new teen sensation...CHRIS FEED

    Meet new teen sensation, R&B singer CHRIS FEED!
    CHRIS was born in Brooklyn N.Y. then raised in Raleigh, N.C.  Music is in his bloodline and has always been a big part of his life, as his father is singer and songwriter, Christopher Terrell.
    CHRIS spent his childhood days singing and making videos of himself, dreaming of being the next pop star.  His moment of clarity came after his first performance at a 5th grade talent show.  He received such great feedback from the audience that he was inspired to keep singing. 
    Christopher noticed his son had a unique talent for singing and performing.  He began teaching CHRIS how to write music and develop his own sound.  His hunger for music led to his new moniker, CHRIS FEED.  Soon after, Christopher helped his son write and record his first record.  
    CHRIS is musically influenced by the greats of R&B.  "As a young kid I looked up to Michael Jackson and now I am truly, truly inspired by Chris Brown."  He describes his sound as Fresh R&B that can transcend into many different genres.
    This talented young man has only scratched the surface of his talent.  Besides his budding music career, he is an aspiring actor.  He was already cast in a major role in the 2017 independent drama, "30 Day Promise".  
    CHRIS FEED is the total package...he sings, dances and possesses the good looks of a teen heartthrob.  These attributes combined with his hard work and versatility are sure to secure his spot at the top of the charts.  "I want to be recognized as an universal artist that will appeal to the masses and is respected by my peers as well as the legends in this business.  Additionally, I would like to help open doors for other artists and be a positive influence on my generation."
    He is currently working on his debut album, not yet titled.  The lead single, "#SUMTHIN", was released on June 10th, CHRIS' birthday, as a surprise gift from his father!  It is now available for listening and download in all digital stores, including iTunes, Tidal, Google Play, Rhapsody, SoundCloud and Spotify.
    Since its release, CHRIS FEED has gained more than 18K followers on Instagram and over 500K views on his YouTube videos.  This rising star is on his way to the top of the charts! 
    SoundCloud:  Chris Feed 
    Official iTunes Link to the audio for "#SUMTHIN"
    Film:  "30 Day Promise" IMBd, 2017

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  • Queen's Rising Star...JET BLACC LEEK

    Introducing new artist and CEO of HUSTLEVISION MUSICJET BLACC LEEK from East Elmhurst, Queens, New York.

    JET BLACC LEEK has been creating music since he was a child. He credits his brothers for helping to develop his ear for music. “I am the youngest so my brothers were forced to drag me around with them to the block parties and house parties they went to, so I always knew what songs were hot. (Laughing) As I got older I started writing raps as a hobby. Then around 17 or 18 yrs old I started taking music seriously.”

    14 years of honing his craft has turned LEEK into beast on the mic! He named his unique sound and brand ‘HUSTLEVISION MUSIC’. “My sound is an authentic, original, unpredictable and raw style of rap. It’s street, yet it includes a little bit of everything. My sound has no boundaries…”

    As is the case for most lyricists from Queens, JET BLACC LEEK is influenced by NAS and MOBB DEEP. His other influences include JAY ZThe NOTORIOUS B.I.G. and SNOOP DOGGY DOG. “I would have to say that all of the greats have influenced me in some way, shape, form or fashion.”

    JET BLACC LEEK’s newest EP, “MY WORLD MY WAY PT. 1”, officially drops on June 29th, 2018. The first two bangers from this brilliant and deftly-produced EP are “The Go Down” and “10 x 10”. Both singles set the tone for the EP and perfectly introduce you to the HUSTLEVISION MUSIC sound.

    LEEK is in the process of finishing “The HustleVision Music Mixtape Vol.1” while also dropping a hot, new freestyle every 2 weeks on his website: www.hustlevisionmusic.com

    "My goal is to be the best at what I do and make the best music I can. As an artist and businessman I plan to expand my brand to avenues beyond music. Music is just the first step towards HUSTLEISION MUSICreaching much greater heights. Like I said my sound has no boundaries, HUSTLEVISION MUSIC has no boundaries, the sky is the limit...”

    JET BLACC LEEK is taking the industry by storm with his timeless sound and genuine Corona, Queens swagg. His explosive rhymes spit over sharp, hypnotizing beats bring his listeners into ‘his world, his way’. He is definitely here to stay and make his mark on the culture!

    Visit JET BLACC LEEK’s website www.hustlevisionmusic.com where you can listen to his new music, purchaseHUSTLEVISION MUSIC merchandise and receive information on upcoming performance dates, times and venues.

    Download his latest EP “MY WORLD MY WAY PT.1”, you won’t be disappointed. This EP is fiyyahhh!




    The official promotional trailer for “The Go Down”:



    Instagram:    @Hustlevision_leek    @Hustlevision_Music

    Twitter:   @Hvision_Music

    Official links to "MY WORLD MY WAY  PT.1" Digital Downloads:



    Apple music:




    Google play music:


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  • new artist...CELEBRITY FLASH

    Introducing Philly's own CELEBRITY FLASH, one of the city's hottest new artists!

    CELEBRITY FLASH's talent was obvious to all of those around him, especially his best friend Mike Larry.  "Mike Larry was my brother.  He believed in me more than I believed in myself.  He told me I'd be the best ever and kept pushing me.  His death was a crushing blow..."

    CELEB had been spittin' bars around the way for years, but really began taking his music career seriously last year.  "After Mike passed away, I vowed to put 100% effort into my music. I can't let him down."   

    He dedicated himself to the music grind and took his skills to the next level.  He recorded dozens of solo records and fire collabo's with Hip-Hop's finest underground emcees Mike Larry, Gillie da KingHak Ditty, Drama and Chase Moola

    CELEB's talent is undeniable.  His sound puts you in the mind of a classic Young Jeezy sprinkled with some Beanie Sigel.  His ruthless flow and sharp words demand your attention. 

    CELEBRITY FLASH released his debut album, "POTS PANS & 808'sin 2017.  It was heavily embraced by the underground rap scene and included the breakout single, "Trap All Dayft. Gillie da KingOt the Real and Reese Buc 

    In early 2018 he followed up with a blazing, hot sophomore album, "36 O's of DEDICATION".  It has already spawned two hits, "Corner Boy" ft. Mike Larry and his latest single, "The Break up Song".  

    When he's not in the studio, CELEB is promoting his apparel line, FLASH MOB Clothing.  The urban line offers a variety of genuine, hand-sewn t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, hats and belt bags all stamped with the FLASH MOB logo.

    We're excited to witness the rise of this rap star and entrepreneur!  Check out CELEBRITY FLASH's music on iTunes/Apple MusicSpotifyTidal and his Top 20 Track List of Videos on the YouTube Channel.   


    Instagram:   @CelebrityFlash



    Official Video Link for "Corner Boy" ft. Mike Larry:



     Official Audio Link for "Trap All Day" ft. Gille da KingOt the Real and Reese Buc:



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  • XXXTENTACION...sleep in peace

    Jahseh Onfroy better known as rising rapper XXXTENTACION was shot and killed on Monday, June 18, 2018 in his native Florida. He was only 20 years old.

    XXXTENTACION released his first song on SoundCloud in June 2013, titled "News/Flock". He gained instant popularity and his own fan base in the trap, lo-fi, emo rap scene.

    His first official EP, "The Fall", was released on November 21, 2014 followed by various mixtapes and singles featuring Ski Mask the Slump God and his Members Only music collective.

    His debut album, "17", dropped on August 25, 2017 and debuted at number 2. It produced 7 singles on the Billboard Charts and sold almost 100,00 copies in its first week out!

    XXXTENTACION’s second album, “?”, was released on March 16, 2018, less than 3 months before his untimely death. It debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts. The single "Sad!" peaked at number 7 on the Billboard charts, making it his highest charting song in the United States.

    His musical influences were Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, Cage the Elephant, The Fray, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Gorillaz and Coldplay. "I'm really into multi-genre things that aren't just based around rapping itself. I'm more inspired by artists in other genres besides rap.", said XXXTENTACION.

    An original talent, his sound was experimental and drew influence from heavy metal. His music contained intentional bad mixing and distorted bass to make it genuine. This multi-talented rapper also produced music and played instruments including the guitar and piano.

    At the time of his death XXXTENTACION had just reneged on a one album deal with Caroline Records distributed by Capitol Music Group worth 6 million dollars and was preparing to move into his new 6,000 square foot mansion.

    Yet another young, talented black man’s life and potential cut short. Please stop the violence in Hip-Hop! Learn to embrace one another and respect each other’s differences. Young lives are being lost senselessly far too often.

    Rest easy young king. Our deepest condolences and prayers go out to the family, friends and loved ones of XXXTENTACION.


    Official video for “Look At Me:



    Official audio for “Sad!:



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  • Introducing...THRILLA

    Meet renaissance man, Philip Micheal Anthony Murphy a.k.a "Thrilla".

    This former basketball prodigy turned author, entertainer, artist and consultant was born in the Bronx, NY and raised in Queens.

    Thrilla’s elite basketball skills were known throughout NYC. He amazed crowds from the Kenny Anderson Classics in Queens to the Rucker Park in Harlem!

    He graduated from Middletown High and headed to Texas Tech University for college. After his freshman year he was shot with an Ak-47 Assault rifle, crippling his promising basketball career.  Life as he knew it was changed forever. Determined not to give up on himself, he pushed through rehabilitation and went back to school. He persevered and earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.  It was during this transitional period that he discovered his love for creative expression, film, photography and music.

    In 2012 he explores his new-found creative side and made an academic model at Texas Tech University. This would be the start of many ‘firsts’ for Thrilla.  One year later he filmed his first documentary, "The Kover Girl", and his first web series, "My Revelation". In 2014 he wrote his first song and in 2015 starred in his first web series titled "What Happened To Love".

    And Thrilla wouldn’t stop there… In 2016 he performed his original music in front of a live audience for the first time!  Later that year he authored his first book, "Product of Determination - The College Years". In 2017 he delved into the world of photography and published his "Flavas" poetry look-book.  Thrilla’s talent and hard-work in these various mediums did not go unnoticed. In 2018 his short film, “PIECES”, was selected as the Best Original Story at the Festigous Film Festival!

    Thrilla is a true artist with a dynamic personality and a style like no other. His goal is to inspire others to find their passions, as he did, and live out their dreams.  "Inspiration and creativity is all around us and I enjoy seeing what I can create. I escape into my imagination and reflect on the hidden beauties of life. My experiences have taught me to listen, be patient and trust GOD. Seeking acceptance for my art and music has taught me the importance of perseverance and dedication. It challenges me to grow daily. Jesus is my role model. HE taught me what real love is. No matter what the masses have to say, HE’s the coolest being besides GOD! And GOD-willing I will continue to share my talents and ideas with the world and create dopeness for a living! I would love to win Oscars and Grammys to inspire others and show them that anything is possible.”

    I believe the possibilities are endless for this amazing young man. We look forward to seeing what exciting places his bright future leads him to!  Look out for his new video for, “False Prophets” which dropped on June 26, 2018.

    Thrilla’s websites:


    Instagram: @dippromotions



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