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  • XXXTENTACION...sleep in peace

    Jahseh Onfroy better known as rising rapper XXXTENTACION was shot and killed on Monday, June 18, 2018 in his native Florida. He was only 20 years old.

    XXXTENTACION released his first song on SoundCloud in June 2013, titled "News/Flock". He gained instant popularity and his own fan base in the trap, lo-fi, emo rap scene.

    His first official EP, "The Fall", was released on November 21, 2014 followed by various mixtapes and singles featuring Ski Mask the Slump God and his Members Only music collective.

    His debut album, "17", dropped on August 25, 2017 and debuted at number 2. It produced 7 singles on the Billboard Charts and sold almost 100,00 copies in its first week out!

    XXXTENTACION’s second album, “?”, was released on March 16, 2018, less than 3 months before his untimely death. It debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts. The single "Sad!" peaked at number 7 on the Billboard charts, making it his highest charting song in the United States.

    His musical influences were Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, Cage the Elephant, The Fray, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Gorillaz and Coldplay. "I'm really into multi-genre things that aren't just based around rapping itself. I'm more inspired by artists in other genres besides rap.", said XXXTENTACION.

    An original talent, his sound was experimental and drew influence from heavy metal. His music contained intentional bad mixing and distorted bass to make it genuine. This multi-talented rapper also produced music and played instruments including the guitar and piano.

    At the time of his death XXXTENTACION had just reneged on a one album deal with Caroline Records distributed by Capitol Music Group worth 6 million dollars and was preparing to move into his new 6,000 square foot mansion.

    Yet another young, talented black man’s life and potential cut short. Please stop the violence in Hip-Hop! Learn to embrace one another and respect each other’s differences. Young lives are being lost senselessly far too often.

    Rest easy young king. Our deepest condolences and prayers go out to the family, friends and loved ones of XXXTENTACION.


    Official video for “Look At Me:



    Official audio for “Sad!:



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  • Introducing...THRILLA

    Meet renaissance man, Philip Micheal Anthony Murphy a.k.a "Thrilla".

    This former basketball prodigy turned author, entertainer, artist and consultant was born in the Bronx, NY and raised in Queens.

    Thrilla’s elite basketball skills were known throughout NYC. He amazed crowds from the Kenny Anderson Classics in Queens to the Rucker Park in Harlem!

    He graduated from Middletown High and headed to Texas Tech University for college. After his freshman year he was shot with an Ak-47 Assault rifle, crippling his promising basketball career.  Life as he knew it was changed forever. Determined not to give up on himself, he pushed through rehabilitation and went back to school. He persevered and earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.  It was during this transitional period that he discovered his love for creative expression, film, photography and music.

    In 2012 he explores his new-found creative side and made an academic model at Texas Tech University. This would be the start of many ‘firsts’ for Thrilla.  One year later he filmed his first documentary, "The Kover Girl", and his first web series, "My Revelation". In 2014 he wrote his first song and in 2015 starred in his first web series titled "What Happened To Love".

    And Thrilla wouldn’t stop there… In 2016 he performed his original music in front of a live audience for the first time!  Later that year he authored his first book, "Product of Determination - The College Years". In 2017 he delved into the world of photography and published his "Flavas" poetry look-book.  Thrilla’s talent and hard-work in these various mediums did not go unnoticed. In 2018 his short film, “PIECES”, was selected as the Best Original Story at the Festigous Film Festival!

    Thrilla is a true artist with a dynamic personality and a style like no other. His goal is to inspire others to find their passions, as he did, and live out their dreams.  "Inspiration and creativity is all around us and I enjoy seeing what I can create. I escape into my imagination and reflect on the hidden beauties of life. My experiences have taught me to listen, be patient and trust GOD. Seeking acceptance for my art and music has taught me the importance of perseverance and dedication. It challenges me to grow daily. Jesus is my role model. HE taught me what real love is. No matter what the masses have to say, HE’s the coolest being besides GOD! And GOD-willing I will continue to share my talents and ideas with the world and create dopeness for a living! I would love to win Oscars and Grammys to inspire others and show them that anything is possible.”

    I believe the possibilities are endless for this amazing young man. We look forward to seeing what exciting places his bright future leads him to!  Look out for his new video for, “False Prophets” which dropped on June 26, 2018.

    Thrilla’s websites:


    Instagram: @dippromotions



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  • new artist...RAVAGE RAY

    Brooklyn is well-known for raising elite emcees. Introducing East New York’s next big thing…RAVAGE RAY.

    RAVAGE RAY started rapping at 10 years old. “I’ve always loved Hip-Hop music. I would write my little raps and record myself. (laughing) I’m 18 years old now. I’ve been polishing my skills for about 9 years. Now I’m confident and ready to share my music with the world.”

    A full-time college student/rapper, RAVAGE spends his free time in the studio writing and recording new music. “My education is my first priority. It’s giving me the foundation I need to become a successful artist and help my family prosper.”

    His musical influences include 50 Cent, NAS, Lloyd Banks and Meek Mill which explains his sound…a hyped, energetic and aggressive 90’s style. “I enjoy making fun music that people can enjoy and also creating songs that my peers can feel. I want to touch people with my words.”

    RAVAGE dropped his debut mixtape,“VENGEANCE”, winter of 2017 and it was well-received in the underground rap scene. He is currently in the studio working on a collabo mixtape with his partner PARIS.

    Look out for new music from RAVAGE RAY this summer. In the meantime check out his video list on the YouTube Channel.

    Instagram: @Ravage_Music

    Official link to “Stuntin’”:

    Official link to “Motivation:

    Official link to “RAVAGE Quiet Storm Remix”:

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  • new artist...OMARI M’s

    Introducing OMARI M’$...new rap sensation out of North Atlanta. “HU$TLE”, the lead single off of his upcoming EP, “Trust the Process Vol.1, is heating up the internet and leaving fans wanting more.

    Originally from the NY/NJ metropolitan area, OMARI M’$ relocated to Georgia in 2006. The transition from the busy streets of New York and New Jersey to the quiet suburbs of Gwinnett County wasn’t a smooth one. Boredom quickly set in and M’$ found himself getting caught up in all types of drama. He had to redirect his energy toward something constructive before he got seriously jammed up.

    "I’ve always had a passion for music but I honestly started making music a couple of summers ago to keep myself out of trouble (laughing). Then I realized, hey I’m pretty good at this! So I kept writing and recording.” One listen to his track “HU$TLE” and you will agree.

    Heavily influenced by 50Cent, Fabolous and Jay Z, M’$ describes his sound as East Coast rap over south trap beats. M’$ distinctive sound perfectly blends his NY/Georgia swagg, while his slick word play and polished rhymes compliment addictive hooks. His real-life struggles serve as fuel to his fire bars. “Making music helped me get through a lot of tough situations in my life. I want my music to be heard all over the world and help my fans get through their tough times. I want to inspire others the way my favorite artists have inspired me.”

    OMARI M’$ is putting the finishing touches on his debut EP, “Trust the Process, Vol.1” to be followed by his first mixtape, “New Atlanta”, which he has spent the last year writing and recording. “'Trust the Process consists of three dope songs. It showcases my skills and gives the fans an idea of what to expect from my mixtape “New Atlanta”. Yo, I’m so excited to share my music with the world!”

    In the meantime, you can catch OMARI M’$ performing live in the Atlanta, G.A. area. Follow his social media for dates and venue information. Don’t miss the chance to see this rising star grace a stage near you!

    Instagram: @Mari3Times

    SoundCloud: @OmariM’$

    Link to “HU$TLE: https://m.soundcloud.com/mari3times/hutle-prod-ma...


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  • INFAMILLZ...”Bottom to the Top”

    Introducing INFAMILLZ, reppin' Flushing, Queens from top to bottom.

    INFAMILLZ is part of a musical family.  He became interested in music at about twelve years old, watching his older cousin Bully rap.  "I used to write rhymes and practice making songs on my karaoke machine in the living room.  One day Bully recorded me on his computer and it sounded so dope!  I've been rapping ever since."  Mr. Cheeks of The Lost Boyz is another family member who encouraged INFA to rap.  "Cheeks would bring me to the studio and let me record music with him and that boosted my confidence.  I started taking music more seriously then Bully named me INFAMILLIONS because I said I was in it for the millions.  I eventually shortened it to INFAMILLZ

    INFA spent the next four years perfecting his sound which he describes as 'New York hip-hop' yet versatile.  Growing up in the early 90's he was mostly influenced by lyricists JadaKissDipSet50 CentFabolous and Lil' Wayne.  "I was too young to understand the vibe NasJay-Z and Biggie had going on at the time.  When i got a little older I listened to their music again and I was able to relate.  Noreaga was from Queens so i definitely felt his music."

    In a time where music lacks originality, INFA is a breath of fresh air.  "I have the talent to mimic any sound or style but I prefer to sound like myself and where I come from. (laughing).  I don't use typical slang or rap about sippin' lean and poppin' pills.  I'd rather be myself, smoke some weed and drink Hennessy.  I rap about my real life and what I do in Queens...Pomonok Houses to be exact.  I want to give the fans an image of my true self through my music.  My ultimate goal is to sound like an artist that would want to listen to."

    INFA is starting the New Year off right.  His latest mixtape, "BOTTOM OF THE TOP" drops in January of 2018, followed by a collaboration project titled "IN FLUSHING WE TRUST" with his partner H aka OCHOINFA and H are solo artists and part of the group DONZ (Donz Depend On Noone).  INFA and legendary rapper ROYAL FLUSH have a new single as well.  "I named my mixtape "BOTTOM OF THE TOP", because I am on top of my game yet I still have a long way to go.  As for the collabo's title, it speaks for itself.  I'm reppin' the town that made me."

    INFAMILLZ is spending his holidays on the grind at Hall of Fame Studios with super engineer, Teardropz, putting the finishing touches on his upcoming EP, "SHOULDA BEEN SOONER".  "I chose this title because the dedication, work ethic, time, money and energy I've invested in my music up to this point 'shoulda brought me success sooner."  No worries young bull, something tells me it won't be much longer...


    Instagram:   @INFA_gg

    SoundCloud:  INFAMILLZ 

    Link to INFAMILLZ':  "Walk freestyle"



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