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  • New Artist: Big Boss Mulaa

    Introducing new artist Big Boss Mulaa from SouthSide Jamaica, Queens.

    Mulaa started his career on the opposite side of the industry managing artists. "About 4 or 5 months ago I was playing around in the studio vibing on a beat while an artist I managed was recording and the music took over my mind. It just felt right. I haven't stopped recording since."

    He draws his inspiration from the pain and love he's experienced in his life. "I am trying to spread a message with my music. I want to reach people like myself that are misunderstood and broken."

    Although he admits his sound fits with the music currently trending, his delivery sets him apart from other artists. "I believe my music will fill a much-needed void that depression, inner city violence and heartbreak has caused in our communities. I can teach the youth how to motivate themselves and the people around them through my music."

    Mulaa describes his sound as Southern Spice with a NYC attitude. His favorite artists include 2 PAC, JADAKISS, Juelz Santana, LilPeep and Juice Wrld. He's listening to Juice Wrld, NBAYoungBoy, Jadakiss, Coca Vango, G-Herbo, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Peep and XXXTentacion when he's not working on his music.

    Besides his budding music career and distribution deal with EMPIRE record label, Mulaa has various sponsorship deals in the works with clothing brands and beverages.

    "My goal as an artist is to change the world with my music and make my parents proud. I want to become wealthy enough that no one I love has to struggle. I would love for my music to appear on movie soundtracks and major commercials. And what artist doesn't dream of a number one song and a Grammy? (Laughing)."

    Big Boss Mulaa is currently putting the finishing touches on his debut EP "WelcometotheDarkside (based ontrue events)", set to drop 12/25/18. His new video for "In My Drip" is coming soon.

    Instagram: @BigBossMulaa 


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  • new artist...JP CALI SMOOV

    Meet JP Cali Smoov master lyricist and aspiring actor from Los Angeles, California.
    JP has been making music his entire life and is now ready to take his well-deserved place in the industry.
    “Music runs in my family. My mom, dad, aunts and uncles were all involved in music whether it was producing, singing, dancing or working in a night club. So I’ve been making music since I started talking.” (Laughing)
    As a teen JP would burn cd’s of his music on his homie’s computer then take the bus to Venice Beach and sell them for whatever he could get. Talk about dedication.
    Fast-forward to 2018…he has a catalogue of over 15 mixtapes available for download and is putting the final touches on his upcoming EP, which is set to drop in the winter of 2019.
    “I work hard and I believe in myself. I don’t have a gimmick. I refuse to succumb to using gimmicks to gain exposure and popularity. I value myself and my music too much for that.” 
    JP’s unique style is a combination of slick word play and clever metaphors mixed with his aggressive, yet inspiring, messages.
    “My reason for making music has always been to create change and affect the world in a positive way. I always try to teach and incorporate emotional and financial literacy in my songs. I have plenty of records that make you can dance and vibe to, but overall my aim is to make music that touches your soul.”
    He is touching souls with his music and touching lives in his spare time. JP recently started the “100 Slice Challenge on his Instagram page @jpcalismoov. He bought 100 slices of pizza from Little Caesar’s and handed them out to the homeless people of Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. “I am so grateful for all that I have and I want to do my part to give back to the less fortunate, especially during the holiday season. I encourage other artists to get on board and post their own 100 Slice Challenge.”
    JP’s musical influences include the legendary PRINCE, Maroon 5 and Sublime, who are his favorite artists along with Snoop DoggMike Posner and Nipsey Hussle.
    “I feel like my musical swag is a cross between legends like Snoop Dogg and NAS. I like to drop jewels and entertain at the same time. I believe my influence will fill the current void in Hip-Hop.”
    JP Cali Smoov is a Hip-Hop renaissance man. He writes music, reminiscent of the 90’s when you had to have bars to succeed, has authored a book of poetry titled, “Untold, Unheard, Unwritten“, which is available for purchase on Amazon.com and he is also working on a series of short films while pursuing an acting career.
    Check out JP Cali Smoov’s latest video, “3 AM“, on the YouTube channel. It’s a great indicator of what to expect from this impressive, young emcee.
    “My goal is to continue living my dreams and to last in the industry. When you have a gimmick your career fades with the trend, when you rely on your music and natural talent you will have longevity.” Spoken like a true future legend.
    Twitter/Instagram: @jpcalismoov
    JP CALI SMOOV YouTube channel:

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  • New Music...Loose Skrewz “WHITE RHINO”

    Meet new artist Loose Skrewz from Bayshore, Long Island.  His style of emcee'ing is reminiscent of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop when emcees actually had to spit bars...not so much these days.

    Skrewz is inspired to rhyme by dope beats and thrives off of the constant encouragement from his friends and family.  "I want to win for my family, they inspire me.  And a good base beat definitely puts me in the mood to write music.  Being brought up around different cultures and listening to a wide genre of music heavily influenced my unique style and gave me the courage to express my thoughts through rapping when I had no other outlet."

    He prides himself on keeping genuine lyricism alive through his music.  "It is my position to make music that Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, GangStarr, Redman and EPMD would be proud of.  Listening to these great emcees really puts me in the zone and makes me work harder."

    Loose Skrewz released his very first EP "White Rhino" with producer/rapper Retrospec last week to rave reviews.  It boasts 21 minutes of raw, underground tracks filled with hard bars that have Hip-Hop heads bopping non-stop.  He even dropped science in the title of his project...

    Historically, this rare mammal, the white rhino, experienced a steady decline in its population caused by uncontrolled hunting. To date there are only 3 white rhinos in existence, they are almost extinct.  Is this what's happening to real emcee'ing in Hip-Hop???

    "My goal is to leave a staple in Hip-Hop culture and to be known as a genuine emcee who stayed true to the craft."  Stay tuned for singles and visuals from the project, "White Rhino", which is currently available on all digital music platforms for your listening pleasure.

    Official Link to the EP "White RhinoLoose Skrewz + Retrospec on iTunes:


    Instagram:  @LooseSkrewz76



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  • new music ROX “The Rhythms of My Struggle”

    ROX, formerly known as ROX aka Mr. Young Richie Rich, is ready to release the beast.  He hails from Brooklyn, N.Y., the home of rap Gods like Jay Z and Fabolous, so you know he’s got some real heat! 
    ROX’s infatuation with music began with his sister, who was a singer. He always admired her talent and wished he was able to belt out notes the way she did. “My momma always told me, ‘You gotta find your passion, singing is hers.’” He took her advice and soon discovered he enjoyed writing music as much as he did listening to his sister sing it.
    He began to write music whenever he had spare time, first for his sister and then for himself. Becoming an emcee was a natural progression.
    ROX’s musical palate ranges from classic R&B to Hip-Hop to Rock to Jazz and Alternative. His interest in different genres of music makes him an exceptional song-writer and a great emcee. “I’ve studied the art of writing music for years and I come from a very musical family. Everyone either plays and instrument, sings or raps. I write songs and rap about subjects that people from all walks of life can relate to.” 
    He describes his sound as universal. “My sound is very unique. It will intrigue you and make you want to hear more! My music is very artistic and paints the picture of my struggle. It reflects what I go through.” He greatly admires Swizz BeatsDr. Dre, Timbaland and Jazzy Pha.  “I think I’m growing into more of a producer than a rapper. I truly enjoy making music for other artists and creating their sounds. I’ve been through so much in the industry already. I was signed to Universal Records a few years back and I used to get frustrated when the world didn’t get to hear the music I worked so hard on. It’s cool to be on the other side of the booth.” 
    ROX dropped the "a.k.a. Mr. Richie Rich” off of his name after life forced him to mature. He suffered a devastating blow when his mother lost a three-year battle with cancer. With the support of his wife and family he slowly began the healing process and picked up his pen. “I wrote my entire EP in about one week. I had so much pain and so many things to talk about after my mother passed away.” 
    A former XXL magazine unsigned hypeROX is anything but a rookie. He’s written over 5,000 songs for himself and other artists. “I plan to do a universal Hip-Hop album and then a Christian album with Gospel/Hip-Hop. I want to give back to GOD because he gave me this talent. HE blessed me with a way to escape bad circumstances and a very rough life.” 
    His ultimate goal is to become a super-producer and business mogul with interests in the fragrance and clothing industries.
    ROX’s new EP “The Rhythms of My Struggle” is available for streaming on all digital music platforms.

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  • new artist...JAY ROZAY

    M up-and-coming Queensbridge rapper, JAY ROZAY.  For some new artists it takes many years to catch fire in the streets, but not this guy.  In less than 2 years his collection of  videos on YouTube have amassed more than 400,000 views!

    JAY has always loved music, especially Hip-Hop. He started spitting rhymes at only 13 years old and recorded his first song at a studio across the water on Roosevelt Island in 2013.

    When asked to describe his exclusive sound, JAY replied, "My sound is hyper, it's immaculate." After watching the videos for tracks like "Blood Money" and "NH2" featuring Kev Dollaz, Paparattzi and Ace Numba Five, I strongly agree. His energy is amazing!

    "My music sets itself apart simply because everyone is trying to be like somebody else...I'm just being me. I have my own vision and my own story to tell, a story that will touch the people who listen to me."

    Akin to Hip-Hop God and fellow QueensBridge rapper, NAS, he is a young man with exceptional bars and wisdom well beyond his years.

    JAY's lyrics express the joy, passion and pains of life and how he perseveres. His ability to bring stories to life with his pen is a welcome change from the redundancy we often hear.

    "I'm in a different position, so I can provide a different type of motivation to the youth, you feel me? Kids who are in the same situation as me, kids who don't think they can make it...I will be the one to show them that they can achieve great things." (No wonder Meek Mill is his favorite emcee.)

    When he's not in the studio working on new music, you can catch JAY listening to underground rappers KEV DOLLAZ, MALACHI GMN, KeddyStackin and KyHound or more popular acts such as Dave East and NBA YoungBoy.

    JAY ROZAY is the new wave! This talented young emcee is quickly raising the standard in this highly competitive rap game.

    As he continues to grind out hits and build up his YouTube catalogue, the world (lovers and haters alike) eagerly await his upcoming EP "Who Is You", slated to drop in early 2019.

    I can't wait to hear this album!  Queens, we got another one.

    Official Video for Jay Rozay's "Blood Money":


    Official Video for Jay Rozay's "Oochie Wally" remix:


    Official Video for Kev Dollaz x Jay Rozay x Paparattzi x Ace Numba Five "NH2":


    Official Video Jay Rozay "Bounce Out With That":


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