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  • NEW ARTIST... 88 LO

    Introducing amazing new artist, song-writer and C.E.O., 88 LO. He is far from your average rapper. A triple-threat, he raps, produces and sings his own hooks. He is also C.E.O. of his own label, 88 MUSIC GROUP, LLC. His innate ability to think beyond his circumstances and great business mind definitely put him ahead of the curve.

    From very early on in his life, music was a source of healing and seemed to ease the blows life dealt him. Growing up in Jamaica he was exposed to the violence and drug wars soundtracked by the island vibes of Bob MarleyBeres HammondPeter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff. At that time the DJ's were gangsters and they ran the gangs, dance halls and the music scene. This fascinated LO. "I remember seeing Supa CatLouie Rankin, Capleton and Tiger come through the dance halls dapper and drippin' with jewels. They were superstars, they were Dons. Music was sort of an escape for the real gangsters from the killing, drugs and gangs that plagued our towns in Jamaica. You could feel the pain in the beats and rhythms of their songs. They inspired me to become an artist."

    Born Jamaal in Kingston Jamaica West IndiesLO came to the United States at the age of 15 yrs old. He grew up in the Bronx, N.Y. in a neighborhood plagued with drugs, crime and gangs, very much like Kingston. He quickly fell in with the wrong crowd and eventually, he found himself incarcerated and facing 25 years to life. At that moment he decided he needed to change the direction his life was headed in. He got on his knees and prayed to God with all his might for forgiveness and promised to walk a straight path. His prayers were answered, he was found not guilty and released from prison.  Now it was time to make good on the promises he made to God.

    88 LO began his transition from the street life to an artist and businessman investing his time, money and full energy into studio sessions and creating his label.  He and his friends started their own group called 88. Each member had a different skill and talent to contribute to the group. Some sang, others rapped and/or made beats. In 2017, 88 LO88 GOLDIE88 CedDean and 88 K-Dogg released their first track, "TrapHouse" with a visual for YouTube. It received close to 500 views! This was just the beginning...

    The hard work payed off when DJ K-SLAY caught wind of the single, "TrapHouse". He was quite impressed with the song, in particular, 88 LO's verse. He reached out to LO and they began to build a working relationship. In late summer 2018 LO released his first solo single, "Betrayed", to rave reviews! The video has garnered over 30, 000 views on YouTube to date. Six months later he dropped his first official project, the "Millionaire Dreams and Billionaire Nightmares" mixtape hosted by DJ K-SLAY.

    His style is authentic and doesn't mimic any sound you hear on the airwaves. His sound infuses DanceHall and Reggae with gritty Hip-Hop. His musical roots in Jamaica are evident and provide the right spices to the ingredients for this mouthwatering dish!  "Everything about me is authentic. The shit I rap and sing about is all real and inspired by my life experiences. I am a Jamaican-born emcee who raps New York-style and I sing my own verses. That makes me unique and amazing! Originality is missing from the music right now. I have always been a leader and most artists are followers nowadays. I've come to restore some order, know what I mean?"

    88 LO's latest project, yet to be titled, is slated to be released summer of 2019.  Seven straight bangers with guest features from Dave East and Tory Lanez.  New York is sounding like New York again!




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  • New Artist: Big Boss Mulaa

    Introducing new artist Big Boss Mulaa from SouthSide Jamaica, Queens.

    Mulaa started his career on the opposite side of the industry managing artists. "About 4 or 5 months ago I was playing around in the studio vibing on a beat while an artist I managed was recording and the music took over my mind. It just felt right. I haven't stopped recording since."

    He draws his inspiration from the pain and love he's experienced in his life. "I am trying to spread a message with my music. I want to reach people like myself that are misunderstood and broken."

    Although he admits his sound fits with the music currently trending, his delivery sets him apart from other artists. "I believe my music will fill a much-needed void that depression, inner city violence and heartbreak has caused in our communities. I can teach the youth how to motivate themselves and the people around them through my music."

    Mulaa describes his sound as Southern Spice with a NYC attitude. His favorite artists include 2 PAC, JADAKISS, Juelz Santana, LilPeep and Juice Wrld. He's listening to Juice Wrld, NBAYoungBoy, Jadakiss, Coca Vango, G-Herbo, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Peep and XXXTentacion when he's not working on his music.

    Besides his budding music career and distribution deal with EMPIRE record label, Mulaa has various sponsorship deals in the works with clothing brands and beverages.

    "My goal as an artist is to change the world with my music and make my parents proud. I want to become wealthy enough that no one I love has to struggle. I would love for my music to appear on movie soundtracks and major commercials. And what artist doesn't dream of a number one song and a Grammy? (Laughing)."

    Big Boss Mulaa is currently putting the finishing touches on his debut EP "WelcometotheDarkside (based ontrue events)", set to drop 12/25/18. His new video for "In My Drip" is coming soon.

    Instagram: @BigBossMulaa 


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  • new artist...JP CALI SMOOV

    Meet JP Cali Smoov master lyricist and aspiring actor from Los Angeles, California.
    JP has been making music his entire life and is now ready to take his well-deserved place in the industry.
    “Music runs in my family. My mom, dad, aunts and uncles were all involved in music whether it was producing, singing, dancing or working in a night club. So I’ve been making music since I started talking.” (Laughing)
    As a teen JP would burn cd’s of his music on his homie’s computer then take the bus to Venice Beach and sell them for whatever he could get. Talk about dedication.
    Fast-forward to 2018…he has a catalogue of over 15 mixtapes available for download and is putting the final touches on his upcoming EP, which is set to drop in the winter of 2019.
    “I work hard and I believe in myself. I don’t have a gimmick. I refuse to succumb to using gimmicks to gain exposure and popularity. I value myself and my music too much for that.” 
    JP’s unique style is a combination of slick word play and clever metaphors mixed with his aggressive, yet inspiring, messages.
    “My reason for making music has always been to create change and affect the world in a positive way. I always try to teach and incorporate emotional and financial literacy in my songs. I have plenty of records that make you can dance and vibe to, but overall my aim is to make music that touches your soul.”
    He is touching souls with his music and touching lives in his spare time. JP recently started the “100 Slice Challenge on his Instagram page @jpcalismoov. He bought 100 slices of pizza from Little Caesar’s and handed them out to the homeless people of Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. “I am so grateful for all that I have and I want to do my part to give back to the less fortunate, especially during the holiday season. I encourage other artists to get on board and post their own 100 Slice Challenge.”
    JP’s musical influences include the legendary PRINCE, Maroon 5 and Sublime, who are his favorite artists along with Snoop DoggMike Posner and Nipsey Hussle.
    “I feel like my musical swag is a cross between legends like Snoop Dogg and NAS. I like to drop jewels and entertain at the same time. I believe my influence will fill the current void in Hip-Hop.”
    JP Cali Smoov is a Hip-Hop renaissance man. He writes music, reminiscent of the 90’s when you had to have bars to succeed, has authored a book of poetry titled, “Untold, Unheard, Unwritten“, which is available for purchase on Amazon.com and he is also working on a series of short films while pursuing an acting career.
    Check out JP Cali Smoov’s latest video, “3 AM“, on the YouTube channel. It’s a great indicator of what to expect from this impressive, young emcee.
    “My goal is to continue living my dreams and to last in the industry. When you have a gimmick your career fades with the trend, when you rely on your music and natural talent you will have longevity.” Spoken like a true future legend.
    Twitter/Instagram: @jpcalismoov
    JP CALI SMOOV YouTube channel:

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  • New Music...Loose Skrewz “WHITE RHINO”

    Meet new artist Loose Skrewz from Bayshore, Long Island.  His style of emcee'ing is reminiscent of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop when emcees actually had to spit bars...not so much these days.

    Skrewz is inspired to rhyme by dope beats and thrives off of the constant encouragement from his friends and family.  "I want to win for my family, they inspire me.  And a good base beat definitely puts me in the mood to write music.  Being brought up around different cultures and listening to a wide genre of music heavily influenced my unique style and gave me the courage to express my thoughts through rapping when I had no other outlet."

    He prides himself on keeping genuine lyricism alive through his music.  "It is my position to make music that Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, GangStarr, Redman and EPMD would be proud of.  Listening to these great emcees really puts me in the zone and makes me work harder."

    Loose Skrewz released his very first EP "White Rhino" with producer/rapper Retrospec last week to rave reviews.  It boasts 21 minutes of raw, underground tracks filled with hard bars that have Hip-Hop heads bopping non-stop.  He even dropped science in the title of his project...

    Historically, this rare mammal, the white rhino, experienced a steady decline in its population caused by uncontrolled hunting. To date there are only 3 white rhinos in existence, they are almost extinct.  Is this what's happening to real emcee'ing in Hip-Hop???

    "My goal is to leave a staple in Hip-Hop culture and to be known as a genuine emcee who stayed true to the craft."  Stay tuned for singles and visuals from the project, "White Rhino", which is currently available on all digital music platforms for your listening pleasure.

    Official Link to the EP "White RhinoLoose Skrewz + Retrospec on iTunes:


    Instagram:  @LooseSkrewz76



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  • new music ROX “The Rhythms of My Struggle”

    ROX, formerly known as ROX aka Mr. Young Richie Rich, is ready to release the beast.  He hails from Brooklyn, N.Y., the home of rap Gods like Jay Z and Fabolous, so you know he’s got some real heat! 
    ROX’s infatuation with music began with his sister, who was a singer. He always admired her talent and wished he was able to belt out notes the way she did. “My momma always told me, ‘You gotta find your passion, singing is hers.’” He took her advice and soon discovered he enjoyed writing music as much as he did listening to his sister sing it.
    He began to write music whenever he had spare time, first for his sister and then for himself. Becoming an emcee was a natural progression.
    ROX’s musical palate ranges from classic R&B to Hip-Hop to Rock to Jazz and Alternative. His interest in different genres of music makes him an exceptional song-writer and a great emcee. “I’ve studied the art of writing music for years and I come from a very musical family. Everyone either plays and instrument, sings or raps. I write songs and rap about subjects that people from all walks of life can relate to.” 
    He describes his sound as universal. “My sound is very unique. It will intrigue you and make you want to hear more! My music is very artistic and paints the picture of my struggle. It reflects what I go through.” He greatly admires Swizz BeatsDr. Dre, Timbaland and Jazzy Pha.  “I think I’m growing into more of a producer than a rapper. I truly enjoy making music for other artists and creating their sounds. I’ve been through so much in the industry already. I was signed to Universal Records a few years back and I used to get frustrated when the world didn’t get to hear the music I worked so hard on. It’s cool to be on the other side of the booth.” 
    ROX dropped the "a.k.a. Mr. Richie Rich” off of his name after life forced him to mature. He suffered a devastating blow when his mother lost a three-year battle with cancer. With the support of his wife and family he slowly began the healing process and picked up his pen. “I wrote my entire EP in about one week. I had so much pain and so many things to talk about after my mother passed away.” 
    A former XXL magazine unsigned hypeROX is anything but a rookie. He’s written over 5,000 songs for himself and other artists. “I plan to do a universal Hip-Hop album and then a Christian album with Gospel/Hip-Hop. I want to give back to GOD because he gave me this talent. HE blessed me with a way to escape bad circumstances and a very rough life.” 
    His ultimate goal is to become a super-producer and business mogul with interests in the fragrance and clothing industries.
    ROX’s new EP “The Rhythms of My Struggle” is available for streaming on all digital music platforms.

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  • new artist...JAY ROZAY

    M up-and-coming Queensbridge rapper, JAY ROZAY.  For some new artists it takes many years to catch fire in the streets, but not this guy.  In less than 2 years his collection of  videos on YouTube have amassed more than 400,000 views!

    JAY has always loved music, especially Hip-Hop. He started spitting rhymes at only 13 years old and recorded his first song at a studio across the water on Roosevelt Island in 2013.

    When asked to describe his exclusive sound, JAY replied, "My sound is hyper, it's immaculate." After watching the videos for tracks like "Blood Money" and "NH2" featuring Kev Dollaz, Paparattzi and Ace Numba Five, I strongly agree. His energy is amazing!

    "My music sets itself apart simply because everyone is trying to be like somebody else...I'm just being me. I have my own vision and my own story to tell, a story that will touch the people who listen to me."

    Akin to Hip-Hop God and fellow QueensBridge rapper, NAS, he is a young man with exceptional bars and wisdom well beyond his years.

    JAY's lyrics express the joy, passion and pains of life and how he perseveres. His ability to bring stories to life with his pen is a welcome change from the redundancy we often hear.

    "I'm in a different position, so I can provide a different type of motivation to the youth, you feel me? Kids who are in the same situation as me, kids who don't think they can make it...I will be the one to show them that they can achieve great things." (No wonder Meek Mill is his favorite emcee.)

    When he's not in the studio working on new music, you can catch JAY listening to underground rappers KEV DOLLAZ, MALACHI GMN, KeddyStackin and KyHound or more popular acts such as Dave East and NBA YoungBoy.

    JAY ROZAY is the new wave! This talented young emcee is quickly raising the standard in this highly competitive rap game.

    As he continues to grind out hits and build up his YouTube catalogue, the world (lovers and haters alike) eagerly await his upcoming EP "Who Is You", slated to drop in early 2019.

    I can't wait to hear this album!  Queens, we got another one.

    Official Video for Jay Rozay's "Blood Money":


    Official Video for Jay Rozay's "Oochie Wally" remix:


    Official Video for Kev Dollaz x Jay Rozay x Paparattzi x Ace Numba Five "NH2":


    Official Video Jay Rozay "Bounce Out With That":


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  • FISH + BREAD = UnOrthaDox and Saint Deed

    Queens, N.Y. is known for breeding deft lyricists, intelligent hoodlums and prolific narrators...

    Introducing new group FISH + BREAD = comprised of UnOrthaDox and Saint Deed.

    UnOrthaDox's moniker describes his unconventional style of rap which sets him apart from other emcees. Saint Deed's represents his pure desire to do the good deed of spreading messages through his music.

    The name "FISH + BREAD =" aptly references Bible verse Matthew 14:13-21 when Jesus feeds the masses with only five loaves of bread and two pieces of fish.

    "Our music is the food that feeds the people. We strive to be the ones who enlighten the masses and change the game. We want to make a way and open doors for everyone."

    DEED and ORTHA are childhood friends whose longtime bond has made them family. Both artists were inspired to make music by their older siblings' and cousins' strong ties to 80's Hip-Hop culture.

    DEED's older brother was a breakdancer who appeared in the classic film, "Beat Street" and his cousins were graffiti artists and B-boys. "My brother had a denim jacket with 'Beat Street'  in graffiti on the back of it from the movie set. It was so dope! I would sneak in his room when he wasn't around and try it on. (laughing)"

    ORTHA had three older brothers who DJ'd, rapped and loved Hip-Hop music. One of his brothers, Sekou, even formed a rap group with his friends. "My house was like the studio. They were always at the crib practicing and writing rhymes. They heavily influenced me to make music."

    FISH + BREAD = is exactly what the game needs right now...a fresh, authentic sound. "Our music is different. We are unpredictable and original. We don't follow trends. Our music is created from the heart and we don't hide who we are. We want our audience to identify with us as individuals and genuinely enjoy our music."

    ORTHA and DEED are inspired by many different genres of music. Some of their favorites include NAS2 PACFela Kuti, The Rolling StonesCurtis MayfieldSmokeyRobinson and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their diverse taste in music is evident in their sound.

    Completely dedicated to their craft, these emcees put their blood, sweat and tears into every track. "We collectively compose, mix, and master our own tracks. We critique each other and send each track through a series of checks before we decide to drop it. We're involved in every aspect of our music from beat selection to production."

    FISH + BREAD = recently released their new project "F1CM" (FromOne Came Many). The 7 track EP signifies the "FISH+ BREAD =" mantra and perfectly introduces fans to their dope sound.

    FISH + BREAD = are currently touring the metropolitan area promoting "F1CM". You can catch them on the Music Makes Me High Tour tonite Friday, September 14th at SOB's alongside Hip-Hop legends Mr. Cheeks, Royal FlushMain SourcePositive KRah DiggaBrand NubianED OGArtifacts and Lords of the Underground.

    UnOrthaDox and Saint Deed aren't just here to make you dance and bop your head, it goes deeper...

    "We are fans of Hip-Hop first. We don't take the legends in the game for granted. We pay homage to those who came before us and emulate their prototype for success. Studying the greats keeps us sharp. Also, we encourage the youth to value themselves. Know that you already possess everything you need to succeed. Believe in yourself and find your purpose...no excuses."





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  • new artist...IMAPROBLEM

    Introducing new artist Imaproblem from Queens, N.Y.

    Imaproblem always loved Hip-Hop music.  He began rapping at age 13, free-styling with his friends in the neighborhood.  When he stepped into a battle his name said it all...the competition knew he was going to be a problem.

    He is a passionate artist who makes music from the soul.  "I'm inspired by the vibes and whatever I'm feeling at the moment so my music has substance."  He describes his sound as an harmonic, yet gritty New York sound.  "My music is a perfect blend of melodies and hard bars.  I've created my own space with this sound."

    When he's not in the studio creating new music with his team, DOPE GANG, he vibes out to fellow artists Travis Scott, Tory Lanez, Future and Meek Mill

    Imaproblem is currently working on his upcoming EP, not yet titled. Earlier this summer he dropped his self-titled mixtape "Imaproblem".  13 tracks of raw rap blended with trap beats and melodic hooks.  It is available for listening and download on Dat Piff.         

    The video for his new single, "Blame it on me" ft. Banga debuted on YouTube on August 2nd and it already has over 5,000 views!  "I want to make an impact with my music.  The market is saturated but I will stand out and become a household name."  

    Look out for new music from Imaproblem this fall. 




    Official video for "Blame it on me" ft. Banga: 



    Official video for "POPPIN'":



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  • Daz Dillinger x Ki Capone "STARTENDER"

    We expect nothing less than greatness when legends collaborate on a track and that's exactly what happens when Queens meets Long Beach on "STARTENDER" by supreme producer DAZ DILLINGER and legendary emcee KI CAPONE.

    Oddly enough, DAZ and CAPONE started out as enemies on wax back in 1996 when Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound and the late Nate Dogg dropped the song "N.Y., N.Y." then C-N-N and Tragedy Khadafi fired back with "L.A.,L.A.".  Both songs are a part of the historic East Coast/West Coast feud.

    It turns out that CAPONE and DAZ have much more in common than a diss record.  Each artist was 1/2 of a game-changing rap group (CAPONE of C-N-N and DAZ of Tha Dogg Pound) and both have released solo projects outside of their groups and played multiple roles in their respective camps.

    CAPONE served as a primary artist, feature artist, producer, executive producer, engineer and even A&R on over 50 tracks for C-N-N, N.O.R.E., NASDragOn, Genius and DJ Clue.

    DAZ has rapped on, produced and written many of your favorite hits from 2PACSnoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound, not to mention stepping in to run Death Row Records when Suge Knight went to jail.

    Similarities aside, their differences are what make them a dynamic duo. "STARTENDER", the lead single off of their upcoming collabo album "WANTED", is a bonafide banger!

    CAPONE, still the wordsmith, blazes the track with his husky vocals while DAZ' Cali-style bars and the melodic hook smooth out the explosive track produced by Merc Beatz.

    "STARTENDER" is now available for streaming and download on all digital music platforms.  Go cop that asap!




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  • new artist...BOSS PAASTA

    Hailing from the Soundview section of the Bronx is multi-talented new artist BOSS PAASTA.

    PAASTA grew up surrounded by Hip-Hop. His father, two of his uncles and his Godfather were all DJs, so he was exposed to music at an early age. "I've always loved music and listened closely to other artists. Eventually I began trying to rap on my own. I've been writing music since I was a kid."

    At that time it was a hobby that he didn't take seriously. But watching other artists make hits inspired PAASTA to turn his hobby into a full-time job. He is now an artist, the CEO, the A&R and the owner of HUSTLE AVE RECORDS.

    His goal is to not only become a platinum-selling artist but to also break the careers of at least 50 other artists. "It's exciting to be a part of bringing about a new sound, if not from me than from another artist."

    PAASTA describes his original sound as 'New Age Mafioso Rap' and prides himself on finding new ways to be creative. "My sound has new flows and new presentations that haven't been used before. I say some outlandish things on those beats! My style stands out, I'm not the same as anyone else."

    His latest mixtape, "L.I.F.E. 2.5: PAASTA LAVISTA", featuring blazing single, "I Doubt It", is available for listening and download on SoundCloud and DatPiff.

    BOSS PAASTA has enough sauce on his SoundCloud to keep us stirring until the release of his album, "DemiGod".

    Keep an eye on this gifted emcee and entrepreneur, I see a few platinum albums and historical tours in his future!

    Instagram: @BossPaasta



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  • new artist...CASS NOELLE

    Introducing CASS NOELLE new R&B/Soul songstress from Ontario, Canada.

    CASS' inspiration for making music is her life and experiences.  "Life and everything I see around me inspires me. I like to observe whats going on around me, around the world and then reflect on my own life and experiences. I have so much to say and sometimes the only way to be heard is through a 'reputable' platform and music allows me to do that."

    A huge fan of the arts, she has always been creative and loved to sing.  Within the last 3 years CASS decided it was time to take her singing more seriously.  "I would record covers and post them on Youtube which led to taking lessons.  The next thing you know I'm releasing my first EP, "Internal Dialogue", with all original music."

    CASS' distinctive sound sets her apart from the music on the radio and is sure to make her own lane in R&B/Soul music.  "My music is more than a tune and some lyrics, I'm not striving for it to be the next big hit because of its production value. When I write a song I'm hoping people receive the message and that what I'm saying resonates with them.  Sometimes I feel I don’t fit in with the music industry.  It's hard to articulate, because I feel like it could sound like I think I’m better or above those in the industry. Singing is just my way of being heard. I get to sing and people receive my words in that way. I’m not doing it for the money, rewards or other things that may come with working in any industry."

    Her aura is certainly not that of the run-of-the-mill R&B/Soul singer we're used to, she is much deeper than that.  "Hmm, at this point in my career, I guess I consider myself a soul/r&b singer. I like to think about my music as inspirational and thought provoking as well. Although I am grounded in soul every song I write carries a different vibe which I embrace rather than trying to make it fit in with a particular sound. I’m just me and I sing, I don’t imagine being boxed in by a genre."

    CASS' musical influences include the late, great Whitney Houston and Leon Bridges.  "I've been listening to a lot of Whitney Houston lately, but I do really love Leon Bridges. I tend to listen to older music and whatever I come across on Spotify (laughing)."

    CASS NOELLE's goal as an artist is to be seen as more than just a human with a nice voice.  "I want to be able to spark new conversations and changes within people and the world."  She will be releasing a new single later this year to follow up her debut EP "Internal Dialogue" and the video for, "Love You Anyway", was released in July.


    Instagram:   @cassnoellemusic

    FaceBook:     Cass Noelle

    Youtube:       Cass Noelle

    Official link to CASS NOELLE's Spotify channel:


    Official link to CASS NOELLE'S "Love You Anyway": 



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  • new artist....MALLY GEE

    Meet MALLY GEE, up-and-coming rapper out of New Jersey. 
    Originally from Trinidad, MALLY has fond memories of his youth with his close-knit family.  "As a youth, I remember my family gatherings being a place filled with love and inspiration.  We all loved music.  We would all grab different instruments and play together."   
    He performed for the first time in Trinidad when he was 6 years old at a concert with his older cousin.  "It was a cool experience being on stage in front of a crowd.  The feeling was indescribable."  His 2nd performance came a few years later at his 8th grade graduation.  "I performed NAS' "I know I can" and from that point I knew music was going to be a huge part of my life."
    MALLY describes his original sound as a melodic blend of Soca and Hip-Hop with an upbeat, festive vibe.  "My music makes people want to be happy and free!  It's set apart from the rest, it doesn't sound like what you hear on the radio."
    MALLY GEE's new EP "REBIRTH" will be dropping on August 7th.  The lead single, "Do Whatever is already smashing the internet with thousands of views on YouTube!  
    DJ Drewski from HOT 97 will be hosting MALLY's listening experience for fans old and new to enjoy on August 11th in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  Please visit MALLY's Instagram page for venue information.   
    Official Link to MALLY GEE's "Do Whatever" video:
    Official Link to MALLY GEE's "Got that Buzz" video

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  • new artist....NINABAND$$

    Introducing new singer/songwriter NINABAND$$ from Manhasset, N.Y.

    NINA was humming tunes before she could walk.  By the age of 11 she was belting out her favorite song, "Let Me Be Your Angel" by Stacey Lattisaw and anything by Ashanti. Her parents and siblings couldn't believe how mature her voice was!

    Impressed with her voice and passion for singing, NINA's parents signed her up for singing lessons.  She began training with vocalist Stephanie Oplacio, the Assistant Minister of Music for the esteemed Allen A.M.E. Cathedral Mass Choir and later worked with singer Shanice Wilson and her mother Crystal Wilson.

    When Nina was 13, she and two of her friends briefly sang in the girl group, "Touch of Pink".  After a couple of years she decided a solo career served her better.  She is currently working with the amazing Angel Higgs, who has done songwriting and vocal production for powerhouses like Tamela Mann, Johnny  Gill,Ledisi, Anthony Hamilton and Estelle to name a few. 

    NINA describe's her sound as very soulful.  Her smoky voice drips honey and soft tones while her earthy lyrics express deep emotions.  "My family calls my voice velvet.  I honestly think it’s a little raspy, but still smooth." (Laughing)

    She writes music from her heart and aims to touch her listeners.  "I have always loved to write songs just as much as I love singing them.  God willing, I will be an inspiration to my peers and heal hearts with my music.  It is especially important to me to encourage other females."

    She listens to a wide variety of music but admits that Hip-Hop is her favorite.  "I love rap music!  But when it comes to Pop and R&B I love Miguel, Jhene Aiko, Ariana Grande and H.E.R.  I also enjoy veteran singers Evelyn Champagne King, Whitney Houston and SWV.  My previous singing coach told me my voice reminds her of CoCo from SWV.  What a huge compliment!  That made me dig deep and work harder."

    NINA is inspired to make music by her generation.  Young people are growing up at a time when they face increasingly complex challenges and hurdles.  "I just feel like even though we are young, people my age go through so much and deal with so many things.  I want to be the voice that represents my generation.  I want to be the voice they listen to when they need someone to understand what they're going through."

    Her deep affinity for music and desire to make a change in the world with her beautiful voice, set her apart from the rest.  "In my opinion there are so many amazing singers out right now, yet I don't think they all sing because they truly love music.  Some just view it as a career.  I love music with my whole heart, it is the love of my life!  Singing brings me joy and I want to share that joy with the world."

    NINABAND$$ debuted her SZA/Daniel Caesar MashUp on YouTube July 13,2018.  She flexes her vocal muscles on this dope, creative mix of  "The Weekend" by SZA, "All the Stars" by SZA ft. Kendrick Lamar and "Japanese Denim" by Daniel Caesar.  In less than one week her YouTube video has close to 5,000 views!

    She is currently in the studio working on original music to be released later this year...stay tuned!

    Instagram:  @NINABAND$$

    YouTube Channel:  NINABAND$$

    Official Link to NINABAND$$' SZA/Daniel Caesar MashUp:



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  • KYLE KNIGHT's new ep: "THE TRUTH"

    KYLE KNIGHT has proven to be more than a singer and songwriter.  He's morphing into a conscious Hip-Hop commentator.   

    With his new EP, "THE TRUTH", he maintains his depth as a lyricist while relating to the mainstream. He is working his way towards being one of the most critically acclaimed songwriters of his era. He combines musical versatility with social awareness to keep his listeners entertained. Much like Marvin Gaye's, "What's Going On?" did for one generation, "THE TRUTH", is doing for this one. This song peels back the surface gloss of society and presents what is really happening.

    KYLE's writing reflects a troubled world and what his life may have become had he given into pressure from the streets. The 1990's proved as challenging for KYLE, as it was for most young black males. He chose to hold on to music and use it as an outlet to vent his frustrations and deal with adversity.  

    He has attained a steady and growing fan base using innovative orchestration and message-filled rhymes.  His sharp lyrics cut at the heart of current issues like a blade.  Whether addressing self-empowerment for men and women or hidden government agendas, KYLE's music reflects a progressive climb towards a more positive genre of music. 

    He is set to entice new listeners with his full EP release, "THE TRUTH".  Equal parts storytelling and "reality rap", this EP is a journey through the realities of life from various perspectives.  It addresses issues such as political corruption, social justice, addiction epidemics, misogyny, and more. 

    To KYLE KNIGHT'S website, www.kyleknightmusic.com, also features a compelling 8-part series, "The Truth Chronicles', to go along with the EP.  It is a documentary hat takes you an investigative approach into today's headline-grabbing issues.


    Facebook: @kyleplyricpublishingllc 

    Twitter: @kyleknightmusic

    YouTube: Kyle Knight Music

    Instagram: @kyleknightmusic

    Artist Websitehttp://www.kyleknightmusic.com

    CD Babyhttps://store.cdbaby.com/cd/kyleknight

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  • Sho B. new freestyle "Boobie Miles"

    Queens rapper Sho B. is back with some heat! Earlier known as Sho Ballotti of rap duo Final Chapter with Al Gado, his new freestyle, "BOOBIE MILES", has the streets buzzin'!  

    For 2:26 Sho B. surfs all over the Hip-Hop banger "N****z done started something" instrumental by DMX featuring THE LOX and Ma$e

    Real Hip-Hop heads know that this beat never gets old.  Sho's clever puns and caption-friendly bars caught the attention of Dame Grease, the original producer of the track.  Dame felt his bars so much that he agreed to produce it.  Now that's a co-sign!

    The official audio is now available on SoundCloud and the official video on YouTube. 

    Instagram: @SHO57

    Twitter:  @SHO57

    SnapChat:   SHOB_57

    YouTube Channel:  Sho Ballotti

    Official Audio Link to Sho B.'s new freestyle "Boobie Miles" on SoundCloud:

    https://soundcloud.com/sho-b-3/boobie miles

    Official video link to Sho B.'s freestyle "Boobie Miles" on YouTube:



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  • new artist..LYRA WILDER


















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  • New Artist...Fuegobands

    Introducing Fuegobands, hot new rapper from Queens, New York.

    Fuego has always had an admiration for music. He grew up watching his father, ShotieBoi rap with his former group Co-ill-iton Cartel, who released two moderately successful albums in the 90's.

    “My dad inspired me to be a rapper.  He was always writing music with his friends, going to the studio and doing shows.  He's the reason I am a true fan of Hip-Hop."

    Fuego tagged-a-long with his dad to the studio and to video shoots on numerous occasions. He paid close attention and soaked up all of the jewels he could while silently plotting his inception.

    Since then he has worked tirelessly on his craft. Now 18 years old, Fuegobands is ready to share his music with the world.

    His distinctive sound and mismatch flow masterfully adjust to the melodies and hard bass-line beats he prefers. His music influences include Lil' Baby, Lil' Uzi Vert and his dad.

    The video for FUEGOBANDS’ brand new single “DRIPSET” Ft. Nei Mula, directed by Trouble Da Great, debuted on YouTube July 4th, marking the beginning of his independent music journey. It will be followed by his debut EP, “BLUE FACE MAFIA“, dropping this summer.


    Instagram:  @fuegobands

    Official Video for “Dripset” ft. Nei Mula:


     Official Audio for “50 RACKS” ft. Swaggy Cee and Marky GZ:


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  • new teen sensation...CHRIS FEED

    Meet new teen sensation, R&B singer CHRIS FEED!
    CHRIS was born in Brooklyn N.Y. then raised in Raleigh, N.C.  Music is in his bloodline and has always been a big part of his life, as his father is singer and songwriter, Christopher Terrell.
    CHRIS spent his childhood days singing and making videos of himself, dreaming of being the next pop star.  His moment of clarity came after his first performance at a 5th grade talent show.  He received such great feedback from the audience that he was inspired to keep singing. 
    Christopher noticed his son had a unique talent for singing and performing.  He began teaching CHRIS how to write music and develop his own sound.  His hunger for music led to his new moniker, CHRIS FEED.  Soon after, Christopher helped his son write and record his first record.  
    CHRIS is musically influenced by the greats of R&B.  "As a young kid I looked up to Michael Jackson and now I am truly, truly inspired by Chris Brown."  He describes his sound as Fresh R&B that can transcend into many different genres.
    This talented young man has only scratched the surface of his talent.  Besides his budding music career, he is an aspiring actor.  He was already cast in a major role in the 2017 independent drama, "30 Day Promise".  
    CHRIS FEED is the total package...he sings, dances and possesses the good looks of a teen heartthrob.  These attributes combined with his hard work and versatility are sure to secure his spot at the top of the charts.  "I want to be recognized as an universal artist that will appeal to the masses and is respected by my peers as well as the legends in this business.  Additionally, I would like to help open doors for other artists and be a positive influence on my generation."
    He is currently working on his debut album, not yet titled.  The lead single, "#SUMTHIN", was released on June 10th, CHRIS' birthday, as a surprise gift from his father!  It is now available for listening and download in all digital stores, including iTunes, Tidal, Google Play, Rhapsody, SoundCloud and Spotify.
    Since its release, CHRIS FEED has gained more than 18K followers on Instagram and over 500K views on his YouTube videos.  This rising star is on his way to the top of the charts! 
    SoundCloud:  Chris Feed 
    Official iTunes Link to the audio for "#SUMTHIN"
    Film:  "30 Day Promise" IMBd, 2017

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  • Queen's Rising Star...JET BLACC LEEK

    Introducing new artist and CEO of HUSTLEVISION MUSICJET BLACC LEEK from East Elmhurst, Queens, New York.

    JET BLACC LEEK has been creating music since he was a child. He credits his brothers for helping to develop his ear for music. “I am the youngest so my brothers were forced to drag me around with them to the block parties and house parties they went to, so I always knew what songs were hot. (Laughing) As I got older I started writing raps as a hobby. Then around 17 or 18 yrs old I started taking music seriously.”

    14 years of honing his craft has turned LEEK into beast on the mic! He named his unique sound and brand ‘HUSTLEVISION MUSIC’. “My sound is an authentic, original, unpredictable and raw style of rap. It’s street, yet it includes a little bit of everything. My sound has no boundaries…”

    As is the case for most lyricists from Queens, JET BLACC LEEK is influenced by NAS and MOBB DEEP. His other influences include JAY ZThe NOTORIOUS B.I.G. and SNOOP DOGGY DOG. “I would have to say that all of the greats have influenced me in some way, shape, form or fashion.”

    JET BLACC LEEK’s newest EP, “MY WORLD MY WAY PT. 1”, officially drops on June 29th, 2018. The first two bangers from this brilliant and deftly-produced EP are “The Go Down” and “10 x 10”. Both singles set the tone for the EP and perfectly introduce you to the HUSTLEVISION MUSIC sound.

    LEEK is in the process of finishing “The HustleVision Music Mixtape Vol.1” while also dropping a hot, new freestyle every 2 weeks on his website: www.hustlevisionmusic.com

    "My goal is to be the best at what I do and make the best music I can. As an artist and businessman I plan to expand my brand to avenues beyond music. Music is just the first step towards HUSTLEISION MUSICreaching much greater heights. Like I said my sound has no boundaries, HUSTLEVISION MUSIC has no boundaries, the sky is the limit...”

    JET BLACC LEEK is taking the industry by storm with his timeless sound and genuine Corona, Queens swagg. His explosive rhymes spit over sharp, hypnotizing beats bring his listeners into ‘his world, his way’. He is definitely here to stay and make his mark on the culture!

    Visit JET BLACC LEEK’s website www.hustlevisionmusic.com where you can listen to his new music, purchaseHUSTLEVISION MUSIC merchandise and receive information on upcoming performance dates, times and venues.

    Download his latest EP “MY WORLD MY WAY PT.1”, you won’t be disappointed. This EP is fiyyahhh!




    The official promotional trailer for “The Go Down”:



    Instagram:    @Hustlevision_leek    @Hustlevision_Music

    Twitter:   @Hvision_Music

    Official links to "MY WORLD MY WAY  PT.1" Digital Downloads:



    Apple music:




    Google play music:


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  • new artist...CELEBRITY FLASH

    Introducing Philly's own CELEBRITY FLASH, one of the city's hottest new artists!

    CELEBRITY FLASH's talent was obvious to all of those around him, especially his best friend Mike Larry.  "Mike Larry was my brother.  He believed in me more than I believed in myself.  He told me I'd be the best ever and kept pushing me.  His death was a crushing blow..."

    CELEB had been spittin' bars around the way for years, but really began taking his music career seriously last year.  "After Mike passed away, I vowed to put 100% effort into my music. I can't let him down."   

    He dedicated himself to the music grind and took his skills to the next level.  He recorded dozens of solo records and fire collabo's with Hip-Hop's finest underground emcees Mike Larry, Gillie da KingHak Ditty, Drama and Chase Moola

    CELEB's talent is undeniable.  His sound puts you in the mind of a classic Young Jeezy sprinkled with some Beanie Sigel.  His ruthless flow and sharp words demand your attention. 

    CELEBRITY FLASH released his debut album, "POTS PANS & 808'sin 2017.  It was heavily embraced by the underground rap scene and included the breakout single, "Trap All Dayft. Gillie da KingOt the Real and Reese Buc 

    In early 2018 he followed up with a blazing, hot sophomore album, "36 O's of DEDICATION".  It has already spawned two hits, "Corner Boy" ft. Mike Larry and his latest single, "The Break up Song".  

    When he's not in the studio, CELEB is promoting his apparel line, FLASH MOB Clothing.  The urban line offers a variety of genuine, hand-sewn t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, hats and belt bags all stamped with the FLASH MOB logo.

    We're excited to witness the rise of this rap star and entrepreneur!  Check out CELEBRITY FLASH's music on iTunes/Apple MusicSpotifyTidal and his Top 20 Track List of Videos on the YouTube Channel.   


    Instagram:   @CelebrityFlash



    Official Video Link for "Corner Boy" ft. Mike Larry:



     Official Audio Link for "Trap All Day" ft. Gille da KingOt the Real and Reese Buc:



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  • XXXTENTACION...sleep in peace

    Jahseh Onfroy better known as rising rapper XXXTENTACION was shot and killed on Monday, June 18, 2018 in his native Florida. He was only 20 years old.

    XXXTENTACION released his first song on SoundCloud in June 2013, titled "News/Flock". He gained instant popularity and his own fan base in the trap, lo-fi, emo rap scene.

    His first official EP, "The Fall", was released on November 21, 2014 followed by various mixtapes and singles featuring Ski Mask the Slump God and his Members Only music collective.

    His debut album, "17", dropped on August 25, 2017 and debuted at number 2. It produced 7 singles on the Billboard Charts and sold almost 100,00 copies in its first week out!

    XXXTENTACION’s second album, “?”, was released on March 16, 2018, less than 3 months before his untimely death. It debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts. The single "Sad!" peaked at number 7 on the Billboard charts, making it his highest charting song in the United States.

    His musical influences were Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, Cage the Elephant, The Fray, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Gorillaz and Coldplay. "I'm really into multi-genre things that aren't just based around rapping itself. I'm more inspired by artists in other genres besides rap.", said XXXTENTACION.

    An original talent, his sound was experimental and drew influence from heavy metal. His music contained intentional bad mixing and distorted bass to make it genuine. This multi-talented rapper also produced music and played instruments including the guitar and piano.

    At the time of his death XXXTENTACION had just reneged on a one album deal with Caroline Records distributed by Capitol Music Group worth 6 million dollars and was preparing to move into his new 6,000 square foot mansion.

    Yet another young, talented black man’s life and potential cut short. Please stop the violence in Hip-Hop! Learn to embrace one another and respect each other’s differences. Young lives are being lost senselessly far too often.

    Rest easy young king. Our deepest condolences and prayers go out to the family, friends and loved ones of XXXTENTACION.


    Official video for “Look At Me:



    Official audio for “Sad!:



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  • Introducing...THRILLA

    Meet renaissance man, Philip Micheal Anthony Murphy a.k.a "Thrilla".

    This former basketball prodigy turned author, entertainer, artist and consultant was born in the Bronx, NY and raised in Queens.

    Thrilla’s elite basketball skills were known throughout NYC. He amazed crowds from the Kenny Anderson Classics in Queens to the Rucker Park in Harlem!

    He graduated from Middletown High and headed to Texas Tech University for college. After his freshman year he was shot with an Ak-47 Assault rifle, crippling his promising basketball career.  Life as he knew it was changed forever. Determined not to give up on himself, he pushed through rehabilitation and went back to school. He persevered and earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.  It was during this transitional period that he discovered his love for creative expression, film, photography and music.

    In 2012 he explores his new-found creative side and made an academic model at Texas Tech University. This would be the start of many ‘firsts’ for Thrilla.  One year later he filmed his first documentary, "The Kover Girl", and his first web series, "My Revelation". In 2014 he wrote his first song and in 2015 starred in his first web series titled "What Happened To Love".

    And Thrilla wouldn’t stop there… In 2016 he performed his original music in front of a live audience for the first time!  Later that year he authored his first book, "Product of Determination - The College Years". In 2017 he delved into the world of photography and published his "Flavas" poetry look-book.  Thrilla’s talent and hard-work in these various mediums did not go unnoticed. In 2018 his short film, “PIECES”, was selected as the Best Original Story at the Festigous Film Festival!

    Thrilla is a true artist with a dynamic personality and a style like no other. His goal is to inspire others to find their passions, as he did, and live out their dreams.  "Inspiration and creativity is all around us and I enjoy seeing what I can create. I escape into my imagination and reflect on the hidden beauties of life. My experiences have taught me to listen, be patient and trust GOD. Seeking acceptance for my art and music has taught me the importance of perseverance and dedication. It challenges me to grow daily. Jesus is my role model. HE taught me what real love is. No matter what the masses have to say, HE’s the coolest being besides GOD! And GOD-willing I will continue to share my talents and ideas with the world and create dopeness for a living! I would love to win Oscars and Grammys to inspire others and show them that anything is possible.”

    I believe the possibilities are endless for this amazing young man. We look forward to seeing what exciting places his bright future leads him to!  Look out for his new video for, “False Prophets” which dropped on June 26, 2018.

    Thrilla’s websites:


    Instagram: @dippromotions



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  • new artist...RAVAGE RAY

    Brooklyn is well-known for raising elite emcees. Introducing East New York’s next big thing…RAVAGE RAY.

    RAVAGE RAY started rapping at 10 years old. “I’ve always loved Hip-Hop music. I would write my little raps and record myself. (laughing) I’m 18 years old now. I’ve been polishing my skills for about 9 years. Now I’m confident and ready to share my music with the world.”

    A full-time college student/rapper, RAVAGE spends his free time in the studio writing and recording new music. “My education is my first priority. It’s giving me the foundation I need to become a successful artist and help my family prosper.”

    His musical influences include 50 Cent, NAS, Lloyd Banks and Meek Mill which explains his sound…a hyped, energetic and aggressive 90’s style. “I enjoy making fun music that people can enjoy and also creating songs that my peers can feel. I want to touch people with my words.”

    RAVAGE dropped his debut mixtape,“VENGEANCE”, winter of 2017 and it was well-received in the underground rap scene. He is currently in the studio working on a collabo mixtape with his partner PARIS.

    Look out for new music from RAVAGE RAY this summer. In the meantime check out his video list on the YouTube Channel.

    Instagram: @Ravage_Music

    Official link to “Stuntin’”:

    Official link to “Motivation:

    Official link to “RAVAGE Quiet Storm Remix”:

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  • new artist...OMARI M’s

    Introducing OMARI M’$...new rap sensation out of North Atlanta. “HU$TLE”, the lead single off of his upcoming EP, “Trust the Process Vol.1, is heating up the internet and leaving fans wanting more.

    Originally from the NY/NJ metropolitan area, OMARI M’$ relocated to Georgia in 2006. The transition from the busy streets of New York and New Jersey to the quiet suburbs of Gwinnett County wasn’t a smooth one. Boredom quickly set in and M’$ found himself getting caught up in all types of drama. He had to redirect his energy toward something constructive before he got seriously jammed up.

    "I’ve always had a passion for music but I honestly started making music a couple of summers ago to keep myself out of trouble (laughing). Then I realized, hey I’m pretty good at this! So I kept writing and recording.” One listen to his track “HU$TLE” and you will agree.

    Heavily influenced by 50Cent, Fabolous and Jay Z, M’$ describes his sound as East Coast rap over south trap beats. M’$ distinctive sound perfectly blends his NY/Georgia swagg, while his slick word play and polished rhymes compliment addictive hooks. His real-life struggles serve as fuel to his fire bars. “Making music helped me get through a lot of tough situations in my life. I want my music to be heard all over the world and help my fans get through their tough times. I want to inspire others the way my favorite artists have inspired me.”

    OMARI M’$ is putting the finishing touches on his debut EP, “Trust the Process, Vol.1” to be followed by his first mixtape, “New Atlanta”, which he has spent the last year writing and recording. “'Trust the Process consists of three dope songs. It showcases my skills and gives the fans an idea of what to expect from my mixtape “New Atlanta”. Yo, I’m so excited to share my music with the world!”

    In the meantime, you can catch OMARI M’$ performing live in the Atlanta, G.A. area. Follow his social media for dates and venue information. Don’t miss the chance to see this rising star grace a stage near you!

    Instagram: @Mari3Times

    SoundCloud: @OmariM’$

    Link to “HU$TLE: https://m.soundcloud.com/mari3times/hutle-prod-ma...


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  • INFAMILLZ...”Bottom to the Top”

    Introducing INFAMILLZ, reppin' Flushing, Queens from top to bottom.

    INFAMILLZ is part of a musical family.  He became interested in music at about twelve years old, watching his older cousin Bully rap.  "I used to write rhymes and practice making songs on my karaoke machine in the living room.  One day Bully recorded me on his computer and it sounded so dope!  I've been rapping ever since."  Mr. Cheeks of The Lost Boyz is another family member who encouraged INFA to rap.  "Cheeks would bring me to the studio and let me record music with him and that boosted my confidence.  I started taking music more seriously then Bully named me INFAMILLIONS because I said I was in it for the millions.  I eventually shortened it to INFAMILLZ

    INFA spent the next four years perfecting his sound which he describes as 'New York hip-hop' yet versatile.  Growing up in the early 90's he was mostly influenced by lyricists JadaKissDipSet50 CentFabolous and Lil' Wayne.  "I was too young to understand the vibe NasJay-Z and Biggie had going on at the time.  When i got a little older I listened to their music again and I was able to relate.  Noreaga was from Queens so i definitely felt his music."

    In a time where music lacks originality, INFA is a breath of fresh air.  "I have the talent to mimic any sound or style but I prefer to sound like myself and where I come from. (laughing).  I don't use typical slang or rap about sippin' lean and poppin' pills.  I'd rather be myself, smoke some weed and drink Hennessy.  I rap about my real life and what I do in Queens...Pomonok Houses to be exact.  I want to give the fans an image of my true self through my music.  My ultimate goal is to sound like an artist that would want to listen to."

    INFA is starting the New Year off right.  His latest mixtape, "BOTTOM OF THE TOP" drops in January of 2018, followed by a collaboration project titled "IN FLUSHING WE TRUST" with his partner H aka OCHOINFA and H are solo artists and part of the group DONZ (Donz Depend On Noone).  INFA and legendary rapper ROYAL FLUSH have a new single as well.  "I named my mixtape "BOTTOM OF THE TOP", because I am on top of my game yet I still have a long way to go.  As for the collabo's title, it speaks for itself.  I'm reppin' the town that made me."

    INFAMILLZ is spending his holidays on the grind at Hall of Fame Studios with super engineer, Teardropz, putting the finishing touches on his upcoming EP, "SHOULDA BEEN SOONER".  "I chose this title because the dedication, work ethic, time, money and energy I've invested in my music up to this point 'shoulda brought me success sooner."  No worries young bull, something tells me it won't be much longer...


    Instagram:   @INFA_gg

    SoundCloud:  INFAMILLZ 

    Link to INFAMILLZ':  "Walk freestyle"



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  • MIDNIGHT BLU is Ready To Go...

    LeFrak City is a breeding ground of champions.  It is the home of N.B.A. greats Kenny Anderson and Kenny Smith and rappers N.O.R.E. of CNN and Akinyele.  Sports and Music were a heavy part of the scene.  If you weren't playing ball or spittin' raps, you were on the block hustling.  Some did all three.  N.O.R.E. introduced us to Musaliny-n-Maze and Final Chapter, while Akinyele brought us R&B group Complexion.  Then four friends decided they would stake their own claim on LeFrak's Hip-Hop scene...Coalition Cartel

    Coalition Cartel members Midnight Blu, Castro, Mendoza and Shottie began recording together.  Midnight was no stranger to the booth, he already had a couple solo mixtapes circulating at this point.  Coalition Cartel began creating a buzz by performing at local shows.  As fate would have it, one of their  performances caught the eye of Naughty by Nature's Kay Gee.  He signed the group to a deal and they recorded two albums together.  

    Shortly after, Midnight Blu's activities outside of the studio got him caught up in the infamous LeFrak City raid.  He would spend a few years upstate.  While he served his time in prison the group attempted to move forward but  Midnight's uniquely aggressive sound was missing.  The group eventually parted ways amicably and the members all pursued solo careers. 

    When Midnight was released from prison he dropped a mixtape titled, "Game Over".  It solidified his ability to make music as a solo artist.  After all, he was no rookie  in this rap game.  His body of work speaks for itself with 6 solo mixtapes and 2 group albums to date. 

    Midnight Blu is ready to give the game what it's lacking...raw energy and real rap.  He named himself Blu for his dark skin and Midnight for the biblical meaning; the time when you discover the difference between theory and reality...and it's about that time! 

    Be on the lookout for his new mixtape, "The Lost Files", slated to drop this winter.  In the meantime you can catch him on the hottest new webseries, "Hater's Animosity", based on the novel by Mark 'Miz' Adams.  It debuts on October 25, 2017 on the YouTube Channel.       





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  • new artist...DANTE

    Introducing new artist DANTE, out of Los Angeles, California.  His single, "Be My Shawty", is the third release from his upcoming mixtape, "No Hard Feelings", which drops on September 21, 2017.

    DANTE's musical journey began with poetry.  "I've always loved listening to music and writing poetry, then the two kinda meshed together and it led to me free-styling.  I worked up from there to writing verses and rapping in High School.  I had an English teacher who would make me rap every time I was late for class, which was a lot! (laughing).  That helped me improve my skills."

    Life and its experiences, such as relationships and the struggles of trying to make it in the music game, are the sources of inspiration for his music.  Hie is a huge fan of TuPac but also admires Pharell, Kid Cudi, The Gorillaz, Bryson Tiller, J. Cole and Drake.  "Making music excites me and that vibe can be felt through in my music.  It's not just the beat and the lyrics, it's who I am and how I feel while I'm writing and recording.  People always say I have a fresh sound."

    DANTE is excited about chasing his dreams of hitting the BillBoard charts, and the release of his first full body of work, "No Hard Feelings", is just the beginning!  Go check out his music and videos on the YouTube Channel.


    Social Media Contacts:
    Instagram: @whoisdante
    Twitter: @dantetran
    Soundcloud: @whoisdante
    Facebook: /dantetran
    Youtube:  /dantetran
    Link to the official video for "Be My Shawty":


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  • SORCEZ DIENIRO's new single "Tap Dat"

    Meet SORCEZ DIENIRO, hot new rapper/actor/song writer/producer out of Baltimore, M.D.  His new single "Tap Dat" featuring Beast Da Bully and Huli Shallone, is steadily climbing the charts!

    SORCEZ's musical talent is in the genes.  His father was also a musician who toured with greats such as the Isley Brothers in his day.  Growing up in that musical atmosphere inspired SORCEZ to follow in his late father's footsteps and continue his legacy.  "I'm determined to bring back good music to the masses one song at a time."

    And for the last ten years that's exactly what he's been doing, creating good music for himself and other artists.  He has worked on projects for Lil' WayneT-Pain and Jagged Edge, to name a few.  His sound, penned as "the New Jack Swing of Hip-Hop and R&B", is heavily influenced by his idol Teddy Riley and the legendary TuPac Shakur

    SORCEZ DIENIRO also wrote and produced his new single, "Tap Dat" featuring Beast Da Bully and Huli Shallone.  The huge buzz around the song earned him a look on HOT 97's "WHO's NEXT TO BLOW" artist spotlight.  He is currently promoting the song while working on his debut album, "I AM WHAT THE GAME BEEN MISSING" slated to drop next fall...stay tuned!  


    Instagram: @SorcezDieniro01

    Official link to the video for "Tap Dat" ft. Beast Da Bully and Huli Shallone:




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    Rapper/Song Writer,GIOVANNI SNOW, was raised in South Jamaica Houses in Queens.  He started writing rhymes in his early teens, inspired by his older cousin who was an emcee.  Rapping began as a hobby and developed into his passion and his way out of the projects. 

    SNOW spent countless hours in the studio writing and recording music.  He didn't let a day go by without putting pen to paper or touching the mic.  Needless to say it was a welcomed distraction from the violence and negativity in the projects.  "The more I wrote music and rapped, the more I saw myself grow as an emcee.  The more time I spent in the studio, the less time I spent on the block.  Music is my passion man, I was made for this." 

    His first mixtape, "SO COLD", released on DatPiff.com, made underground rap fans take notice.  His followed up with, "#SUPAVALID MIXTAPE", which became an instant street classic and solidified SNOW's spot as a respected emcee.  Tracks like, "Do It Again" featuring the late, great T.K.O. The People's Champ, "Funerals and Caskets" and "Certified Loopy", had rap sounding like Queens again!

    A certified triple threat, SNOW writes his own songs and hooks, creates original hooks for other artists and has even taught himself to compose beats.  His unique sound embodies Queens at its finest.  He is the voice for those dealing with the everyday struggles of living in the hood and fighting to overcome adversity and poverty to reach success.  This is evident on tracks such as, "Where the F--- Is Home" featuring TKO The People's Champwhere they touch on issues such as gang violence, peer pressure and racism. 

    GIOVANNI SNOW is determined to use his God-given talents to rise above the negativity and claim his rightful place in the rap  game.  His first two mix-tapes, "SO COLD" and  "#SUPA VALID" have been very well received by fans across the 50 states and they are now anxiously awaiting the release of "#SUPAVALID MIXTAPE 2", set to release this year.  He is currently promoting his new single, "AMBITION", which is available for purchase and your listening pleasure on iTunes, Spotify, TiDAL and Amazon Music
    New single:  "AMBITION
    Instagram:  @snovanni 



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  • KB the Grind Artist...Global Currency

    KB the Grind Artist is from New York, the Bronx to be exact, where you need more than one hustle to survive.  And he wasn't penned the name "Grind Artist", for nothing.  He is an artist and an entrepreneur intent on making a difference in this world.  

    It has been a busy summer for him, promoting his summer smash "Quarter Water" while orchestrating  and pushing his brand, GLOBAL CURRENCY.  "Quarter Water", produced by DAYZEL, is a lighthearted, nostalgic track that brings us backward to memories of our unworried childhoods then forward to the responsibilities of adulthood.  This song is just what the world needs to break up the monotony of negativity.  KB makes it his business to spit rhymes that are raw, empowering and straight forward so his fans around the globe can relate.  

    And his GLOBAL CURRENCY MOVEMENT is shaking things up around the town!  If you're anywhere in New York City you have no doubt seen his infamous GLOBAL CURRENCY banner being held by artists and celebrities of all types, including DJ KhaledRemy Ma & Papoose, JadaKiss and Angela Yee, DJ Envy & Charlamagne the God from Power 105.1.  Even Dick Gregory was spotted reppin'!

    The message behind the movement is summed up in this brilliant and most-liberating slogan:  "WE ARE THE MONEY.  YOUR THOUGHTS, LABOR AND IDEAS ARE PRICELESS!  DON'T WASTE YOUR WEALTH!  DO WORK, TALK LESS."  These words reminds us all to take pride in what we do, to know our worth and stand together as a community. 

    KB is definitely on his "grind"...making music, enlightening the people and expanding his business.  Check out his music on the YouTube Channel and browse the website to shop for the latest in GLOBAL CURRENCY fashion like the Global Jersey, Color Splash and Distressed Denim Dad Hats and GC Polo Shirts.



    YouTube Link to "Quarter Water" https://youtu.be/HqKdMdc7_YQ

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  • Next up...PLAYBOI CARTI

    Atlanta, Georgia has yet another talented artist on the rise...PLAYBOI CARTI, formerly known as Sir Cartier.  He released his first mixtape "Young Misfit" on TFZ/Awful Records back in 2012 with no success.  It didn't even make a dent on the charts.

    Passionate about his music and refusing to give up, he continued to write and record music.  He even changed his name to PLAYBOI CARTI.  Three years later his perseverance would pay off.  In 2015 he gained fame with the release of his non-album single "Broke Boi" and began collaborating with top acts like Lil' Uzi Vert and ASAP Rocky.  This led to his appearance on the ASAP Mob's debut album, "Cozy Tapes Vol.1: Friends".  

    CARTI's association with the two musicians/models would give him the opportunity to add another skill to his resume.  He was invited to swag the runways with Lil' Uzi and ASAP in VFiles and Raf Simons fashion events.  CARTI even walked in Kanye West's "Yeezy Season 5" fashion show!

    Things were moving in a great direction.  He appeared on over 20 tracks as a feature with artists such as Quavo & OffSet from MigosGucci ManeTravis ScottJoey Fatts21 Savage and Kodak Black.  In 2016 he was signed to AWGE/Interscope Records and began working on a new mixtape.  His eponymous sophomore effort, "PLAYBOI CARTI", not only dented the charts, it debuted at number 12 on the US BillBoard 200!  Fifteen tracks of heat including collabos with Lil' Uzi VertLeven Kali.  

    His fans describe his music as 'the soundtrack to a mindless good time'.  And a good time is definitely had by ALL whenever his popular single, "Magnolia" (produced by Pi'erre Bourne) is played!  It is CARTI's biggest hit to date, peaking at number 29 on the US BillBoard Hot 100.  XXL Magazine named PLAYBOI CARTI one of the ten in their "2017 Freshman Class", a huge honor for an upcoming artist.  He is currently touring the states with Pi'erre Bourne and Young Nudy.  Catch him in a city near you!            

    Website: www.CashCarti.com 

    Instagram: @playboicarti





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  • new music...KYLE KNIGHT

    Hip-Hop/Rap is a musical art that is reflective of the artist's life and their experiences.  We are fortunate enough to enjoy different styles of music through someone else's ears, so to speak.  And once in while there comes along an artist who dares to be original...

    KYLE KNIGHT is a lyricist, rapper and producer.  His latest project iaptly named, "THE TRUTH", contains three tracks, "Hey Sister", "Addiction" and "The Truth".  The lead single, "Hey Sister" deals with the issues women face in society.  "Hey Sister" happens to be my favorite track because of the message in it.  I feel like I've been writing this song all my life, incorporating different thoughts, experiences and situations women I know have gone through like tough break-ups, domestic abuse and promiscuity into the lyrics of the song.  I want this song to impact women in a positive way and remind them that they are respected and loved.", KYLE says.  "Addiction" deals with the epidemic of prescription drug abuse among our youth today and "The Truth" speaks about exactly that, the truth about the troubles we face in our communities.  He prides himself on using his music to spread knowledge.

    KYLE has been around music his entire life.  Growing up the son of a music producer, he spent a lot of time in his father's studio. During this time he developed a wonderful ear for music and a passion to create his own.  He learned many things about writing, creating and producing music as he watched his father remix and produce tracks for big names in music like Q-TIP, SWV and Public Enemy.  By the age of six years old KYLE was already writing lyrics to songs and learning to produce tracks!  

    All of KYLE's music is original and contains no musical samples or features from other artists.  He co-produced all tracks with the help of his father and The Rich Source production team.  He draws inspiration for his sound from a broad genre of musical influences including NAS, Michael Jackson, Kendrick Lamar, Adele, Chuck D of Public Enemy and Bruno Mars.  He describes his music as,  "Original, conscious, very lyrical and a lot of fun!  My songs are easy to relax and vibe to with a surprise twist...you'll receive a positive message.  I enjoy making fun records without offending anyone."   

    His new, authentic sound is an exciting breath of fresh air!  Catch KYLE KNIGHT performing these songs live at New York City's HARLEM WEEK FESTIVAL on Thursday, August 24, 2017.


    Link to "Hey Sister" video promo:  

    Website:  https://kyleplyric.com

    Twitter:  @kylekni74606470

    Instagram:  @kyleknightmusic

    FaceBook:  @kyleplyricpublishingllc 


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    On Wednesday, August 2, 2017, FRANK VOCALS, hosted a listening party for his new project, "Can I be Frank with you", at QUAD RECORDING STUDIOS in N.Y.C.  All guests in attendance were entranced by FRANK VOCALS' amazing energy and soul-stirring songs, as they were treated to a sneak-peak of his new EP.  His music clearly fills a huge void in the male R&B/Soul category.  His songs boast honest, candid and explicit lyrics served over deep, melodic bass beats and soothing harmonies.  His music speaks for the grown man who wants to be allowed to express his feelings and be passionate without his ego being bruised or being labeled as "soft".

    FRANK VOCALS' style was impacted by different genres of music, including R&B/Soul, Jazz and Hip-Hop/Rap.  His musical influences include James BrownMary J.Blige, Jagged Edge,  R.Kelly, Jodeci, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z and Kanye West.  His music effortlessly fuses these different styles to create his unique sound.  "My music is a feel, a vibe...the soul food of the future.", he says.  This EP, "Can I be Frank with you", is a musical account of life, love and his journey.  Tracks like "Get Right Back", "Swerve", "System" and FRANK's personal favorite, "Don't Go" will surely have you in the zone.  Do yourself a favor and download "Can I be Frank with you", you won't be disappointed.  It is available on SoundCloud, iTunes and Spotify.  


    Instagram:  @IAMFRANKVOCALS 

    SoundCloud:  FRANK VOCALS 


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  • New Artist Alert...SAM HVZE

    Meet Sameerah Pittmon and her musical alter ego, SAM HVZE,  from Uptown Philadelphia.
    She fell in love with music at around 6 years old while listening to her mom blasting music through the house.  "She would play everything from Mary J. Blige to Gerald Levert and I'd be right there singing along with her!"

    SAM HVZE began writing poetry at a young age. As the only child living with a single mother, she spent a lot of time by herself. She witnessed the many hard times her mom faced raising her alone. At the same time she faced struggles of her own when she began to question her sexuality. These factors made her relationship with her mother quite tense and they bumped heads often. With no one else to talk to, poetry became her best friend and the outlet she desperately needed to vent her frustrations.

    By the time she reached high school, she transformed into her alter ego, SAM HVZE, converting her poetry into rhymes. Hearing her poetry over beats was fascinating to her!  Now she was able to express herself and display her feelings through music.

    The very first song she recorded was "What I Want", produced by JXHN SCXTT.  When he played the track for her it was love at first sight.  She fell so in love with the track that the lyrics just flowed out.          “I was so taken by the track that it brought out a different side of me. A side that I didn't even know I had. It is definitely the best high I've ever experienced in my life!”

    Since that day she has continued to write poetry and songs and loves to freestyle over her favorite rappers' beats.  "I love music, it’s my passion. I want people to feel good when they listen to my music and to be able to relate to it.  I want heads to turn when my songs play.  I want my songs to be the ones you play on repeat because you never get tired of it.  I want people to get naturally high off of my music like I did when I first heard, "What I Want"."

    SAM HVZE aspires to have longevity in the music industry and heavily influence the game with her unique style.  Check out her latest track, “Freedom of Speech”, currently available for listening on SoundCloud.  Her music has already been featured on DESERT STORM RADIO' which is streamed worldwide to over 37 countries!  This is just the beginning...

    Link to “Freedom of Speech:   https://soundcloud.com/user-759690132/freedom-of-speech

    Artist contact:
    Instagram: @SAMHVZE

    Management contact:
    E-mail: shubanga@icloud.com
    Instagram: @shubangashow
    Twitter: @shubangashow






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    Meet CHASE PE$O, a multi-talented rapper, singer,
    songwriter, record producer and director.
    CHASE grew up in a culturally diverse neighborhood
    in Bushwick (Brooklyn, N.Y.) which helped to developed
    his distinctive sound, a hypnotic blend of Jazz, Hip-Hop,
    Funk, Soul and Spoken Word.
    He and a few friends started a Hip-Hop group in mid-2000
    initially naming themselves “Renegades”, then later
    changed their name to “Team Fame”. The group did not
    achieve the success they hoped it would.
    A little disappointed but not discouraged, CHASE PE$O
    decided to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia, where the
    music scene was popping, to pursue a career as a solo artist.
    He put his talent for songwriting to work and before you know it,
    he was a part of a creative writing team alongside AKON and
    Roscoe Dash. This opened the door for his music.
    Shortly after he released his debut EP, “LOVE or LUST”.
    It was a success! After years of grinding CHASE PE$O
    had finally released his solo project.
    He followed up with his sophomore EP, “Glass Jars and
    Butterfly Tops”, in summer of 2015. It was instantly hailed
    an “underground classic”. CHASE’s ability to mix lyricism and
    conscious elements with his sound made him unique.
    In March of 2017 CHASE PE$O and his group M.U.L.A. Society
    independently released a compilation album titled,
    “Welcome to M.U.L.A.ville”.
    They are currently touring the tri-state and East/West coasts
    promoting the album and CHASE’s latest single, “Chico DeBarge”.
    The remix featuring Chico DeBarge himself and fellow Brooklyn
    rapper MAINO will de dropping this summer.
    Check out CHASE PE$O and the M.U.L.A. Society’s music and
    videos on iTunes, Spotify and the YouTube channel.

    • Email: Chase PESO ChasePESOMusic@Gmail.com

    • Spotify: Chase PESO https://play.spotify.com/track/32aZDk2CwFP3BxNrX9jk5A?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open

    • Apple Music: Chase PESO https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/chico-debarge-single/id1144300379

    • YouTube: Chase PESO https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCMmAmO0xewiVPc-cmdD-i-Q

    • Tidal: Chase PESO http://tidal.com/album/64035771

    • Google Play: Chase PESO https://play.google.com/store/music/artist/Chase_Peso?id=A7amvisdaivwsv2o42p34gg4cpq&hl=en

    • SoundCloud: Chase PESO https://m.soundcloud.com/chase_peso_mula

    • Instagram: @ChasePESO_MULA https://www.instagram.com/chasepeso_mula/

    • Twitter: @ChasePESO__ https://mobile.twitter.com/chasepeso__

    • Facebook: Chase PESO (Personal) https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001543813708&tsid=0.9980756477452815&source=typeahead

    • Facebook: Chase PESO (Music Page) https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=152023384872977&tsid=0.9898923174478114&source=typeahead



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  • New R&B sensation…ELLE VIE


    A breath of fresh air has just blown our way….
    sultry, smooth R&B singer ELLE VIE.
    If the clouds floating through the blue skies
    on a serene and sun-filled summer day had a
    soundtrack, ELLE VIE would sing it. This singer,
    songwriter and poetess is bursting on the scene
    with an original sound…peaceful vibes.

    She writes her own songs which are mainly based on
    personal experiences and trials she’s faced throughout
    her young life. “Music is just life to me period.
    It fills my emptiness. It's my passion, my purpose.”,
    says ELLE VIE.

    Though ELLE VIE was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. she spent
    the larger part of her childhood between Queens, N.Y.
    and Virginia. Her sound reflects the changes in her
    scenery, no two songs have the same vibe. One track
    makes you feel like your riding on the 95, the next
    track has you vibing on a back block in Queens.

    “Wonderful vibes is what this world needs and that's
    What my music is about. I want my music to bring peace.”,
    ELLE VIE says. She aspires to inspire with her music. “I want to
    make music that people can relate to whether it's about love,
    success or heart-break. I have a message for everyone.”

    ELLE VIE’s videos are currently available for viewing on the
    YouTube channel. Please check out this amazing young
    lady's music. We look forward to an EP coming soon.

    Link to video for “My Love”:



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  • Beantown's Boss...EDDY FISH



    Boston has a hidden jewel in its
    underground scene…

    Meet EDDY FISH, trapper turned rapper,
    with more real stories than a New York
    skyscraper. “My music is a dose of reality.
    No third-party tales, this is all ME.”

    EDDY always dabbled and wrote rhymes
    but his focus was on the streets, not the studio.
    That is, until things in the street became
    too perilous and his sixth sense told him to
    fall back. Smarter than most, EDDY followed his
    gut and decided it was the perfect time to take his
    aspirations of becoming an artist seriously.

    He began writing and recording songs for a
    mix-tape he would name, “Real N*ggas Know”.
    It was released on DATPIFF.com and yielded an
    awesome response. It was listened to just
    under 20,000 times! From presentation to
    production, “Real N*ggas Know”, was a solid project.

    This was the confirmation EDDY needed. He was
    ready to get into the music industry and make his
    mark. A self-motivated man, he reached out to
    Yo-Gotti, who was on the come-up at the time,
    for a feature and Yo obliged. “Whole lotta money”
    was the result. The single was viewed over 100,000
    times on YouTube!

    He continued to work with Yo-Gotti and eventually
    toured with him. He names Yo as one of his influences.
    “Going on tour with Yo-Gotti was a great learning experience.
    I had a front row seat to how things work in the industry.
    It gave me a blueprint to follow and I'm grateful for that.”

    EDDY has since collaborated with other big names such
    as Blac Youngsta on the track, “GOALZ” and most
    recently, Gucci Mane on the track, “HECTOR”.
    “Gucci came to Boston looking for an artist who was
    serious about the game to do a feature with him. The town
    pointed him in my direction. It feels good to know that
    people are noticing the hard work I’m putting in.”, said EDDY.

    Clearly his reputation precedes him. He is well-respected in the
    streets of Boston as a boss and in the rap game as a skilled artist on the rise.
    “I want the fans to know that I will not disappoint them. I have a vision for
    this. There are other artists out of Boston trying to break into
    the industry and I would love to be on that first wave. I want to be a part of
    shaping what's coming out of my town to bring everyone together.”
    EDDY’s label, SMG (SkyWay Music Group) is currently in its grassroots stage
    building up to be a major label that can support other artists.

    We have no doubt that EDDY FISH has the talent and the intelligence to
    do exactly what he's envisioned. His music is currently available on
    SoundCloud and YouTube. Check out his latest videos below, “HECTOR”
    featuring Gucci Mane and “GOALZ” featuring Blac Youngsta:

    Link to “HECTOR” ft Gucci Mane:


    Link to “GOALZ” ft Blac Youngsta: 

    Instagram: @EDDY_FISH
    Twitter: @EDDY_FISH









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  • What the game is missing...Frankpo

    Introducing FRANKPO, a highly-skilled
    battle-rapper from Queens, N.Y. who has
    some real heat for us this summer.
    His latest free-style, “Free Smoke”, is a welcome
    change for those hip-hop fans who still care
    about actual bars, not just catchy beats and hooks.

    FRANKPO came up in the era of rap when you
    made a name for yourself by battling whoever
    challenged you. “You had to be ready to spit at
    anytime. The hustlers would bet on me all day.
    My skills spoke for themselves and I always got the
    job done.”, said FRANKPO.

    Rap music has gone through many changes since then.
    There is no longer a high-demand for tight bars as
    long as you have an appealing image or fantastic
    social media following. “I love the creative part of
    making music. Anything I put my name on, I have to
    be in charge of, and more importantly, be proud of.”

    FRANKPO is currently working on his mixtape in hopes
    that the third time is the charm. He released two previous
    mix-tapes on DATPIFF, which didn't yield the response
    he was looking for. “I am in a rebuilding stage right now.
    Taking my time and doing things my way. I have a lot
    of great music I want to share with the world and I want
    the fans to keep an open-mind when it comes to judging
    new artists. Expand your horizons and give the music a
    chance, you won't be disappointed!”

    You can check out FRANKPO’s music on SoundCloud and
    DATPIFF. The video for the “Free Smoke Free-style” is
    Currently available for viewing on YouTube. Other snippets
    of his music and free-styles can be viewed on his social
    media outlets, Instagram and Twitter.

    Instagram: @FRANKPOMUSIC
    Twitter: @FRANKPOMUSIC
    Link to the “Free Smoke Freestyle”: 



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    New hip-hop sensation LOU GOT CASH is bringing
    his raw energy to the airwaves. His smash single,
    "PIPE DOWN", exploded on the scene with its tough
    beat and contagious hook. Then he dropped the remix
    featuring Remy Boy Monty and took over the radio!
    You won't find a club or lounge that's not bangin it.

    His break-out mix-tape, "That's a great name",
    made us pay attention. LOU GOT CASH's heavy buzz in
    the streets led him to a meeting with DJ SELF of GWINNIN
    ENTERTAINMENT. DJ SELF was impressed with young
    rapper's determination and strong work ethic. So much
    so, that he signed LOU GOT CASH to his record label and
    began promoting him.

    Since then things have gone from zero to sixty! He has
    two singles, "PIPE DOWN" and "MAKE 10" in heavy rotation
    on POWER 105.1 and he is regularly performing in venues.

    LOU GOT CASH has music circulating on SoundCloud, Spotify,
    iTunes/Apple Music and more than 25,000 Twitter
    followers. Not too shabby for a new artist. Look for more
    new music from this energetic rapper out of Queens, N.Y.

    Instagram: @LouGotCash
    Twitter: @LouGotCash
    Link to the video "Pipe Down": https://youtu.be/dxYxs7UOXZI


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  • MARZ MUNNY...headed for the stars

    MARZ MUNNY a.k.a. “Mr. Chow” is an up-and-
    coming rap artist from Brooklyn. He's been writing
    rhymes since he was 14 years old and accredits his
    love of music to his mom and dad. “There was always
    music playing in my house growing up. All different
    types, from the Isley Brothers and Earth Wind & Fire
    to the Notorious B.I.G. and Mary J. Blige.”

    Music has always been a huge part of his life.
    Being raised in a rough part of Brooklyn, MARZ has
    seen a lot and done things that he isn't proud of,
    which eventually led to him being incarcerated.
    But instead of conforming to life in prison, his passion
    for music kept him moving in a positive direction.

    He used the time wisely, writing rhymes and rapping to
    anyone who'd listen. “My love for music kept me going
    when I felt like giving up. Even people telling me, “Yo,
    you sound good man, you're bars are tight!!”, helped push
    me through the darkest days. I know music is what I was
    put on this earth to do.”

    It was there that he developed his alter ego, “Mr. Chow”,
    which signifies his desire to “eat”. In other words, attain
    wealth to feed himself and his family. In prison “chow
    time” is breakfast, lunch and dinner...and his drive to make
    it in the music business had him starving.

    MARZ returned home with that same energy and
    got right to the music. He has released several singles
    on SoundCloud, including the popular collabo with fellow
    Brooklynite, FreshBeatz, titled, “10nb” (10 n better).
    And “Survival”, the dark, soulful tale of MARZ’ struggle to
    make a change in his life and those around him.
    Spit over a smooth, mid-tempo base beat, “Survival”
    speaks to the masses of young brothers fighting to
    create positive opportunities for themselves. He describes
    his music as aggressive and fun. “Some songs have a more
    serious tone but I also like to make fun music that keeps
    people smiling and dancing.”

    The self-described laid-back gangsta is passionate about his
    music and the affect it has on his listeners. “I’ve gone through
    many phases in my life and I'm still transitioning into the best
    version of myself. I have definitely elevated from who I used to be.
    Things I did before don't interest me but the music NEVER
    left me. I want to make good music and spread my good energy
    all around! There’s no better feeling than watching people enjoy
    the music I've created.”

    And his creative juices are certainly flowing as he works on
    his debut mixtape. It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser! And be on
    the lookout for the video for “Survival” dropping this summer
    on YouTube and WorldStar HipHop.
    MARZ MUNNY is definitely headed for the stars and beyond…
    with his music as the soundtrack.

    E-mail: MarzMunnyflg@gmail.com
    SoundCloud: Marz Munny
    Instagram: @mrchowmein
    SnapChat: MARZARATI
    YouTube: Marz Munny
    FaceBook: Marz Munny

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    Corona, Queens’ own, DJ GULLY, is one of New York’s premier selectors. He has made quite the name for himself playing in various nightclubs and venues across the tri-state area.

    When GULLY is on the set there is NO space on the dance floor! It is impossible to be still during his live mix. He spins the latest hits and your favorite classics, while creating blends on the spot.

    When he's not moving the crowd live, he's on DTF Radio’s DigiMusic Tuesdays from 12p-2p, hosted by Ray DeJon. His success on DTF Radio led to him locking down a permanent slot on FM Radio’s 103.9 DigiMusic Saturdays.  Tune in to hear him live every saturday from 11am-1pm. Then please take a minute to visit FM Radio 103.9’s Instagram page, @radio1039ny, to cast your vote for The La Loca Show's contest, as she tries to find the perfect DJ to rock the Monday through Friday 12pm slot!

    Aside from playing in venues and on the radio, “Mr.Incredible”, also produces music for artists and is  grooming his toddler son, Gevonie, for the family business. At the tender age of three years old,  Young Gevonie, as they call him, already has mixing skills! Young Gevonie has rocked live sets at barbecues, community day picnics and even beside his dad live on FM Radio 103.9’s DigiMusic Saturday Afternoon Mix!

    GULLY admits that he may use a blend or two in his live mix that his son, Young Gevonie, created at home while they practiced their mixing. “He’s so talented. It's like he was born into this music and has an ear for it naturally. His mom and I very proud!” Keep an eye on this INCREDIBLE father-son duo. They’re sure to be headed towards great success and longevity.

    Email: GETITTOGULLY@gmail.com

    Instagram: @therealdjgully

    FM Radio 103.9: DigiMusic Saturday Afternoon Mix 11am-1pm

    DTF Radio: DigiMusic Tuesday Afternoon Mix 12pm-2pm

    Young Gevonie:


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  • N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN present DRINK CHAMPS

    DRINK CHAMPS with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN

    Legendary rapper N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN have mixed up a cocktail of laughs and libations that have artists and fans wanting another round!  They first teamed up in Miami around 2010 as co-hosts on a satellite radio show for Sirius XM titled, “Militainment Crazy Raw Radio”.

    The energy and banter between the two was fantastic! This eventually gave birth to their DRINK CHAMPS PODCAST.  It first aired on the CBS Play It Network in January of 2015.  It was an instant hit!  Within the first season they had an astounding 5 million listeners a month.

    N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s DRINK CHAMPS PODCAST was now number one in the country.  This caught the attention of Hip-Hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, who is always looking for ways to expand his empire.  Diddy had already worked with,and had a friendship with N.O.R.E. from his years as a part of rap-duo, Capone-n-Noreaga.

    And just like that it happened...REVOLT TV partnered up with DRINK CHAMPS and added it to their cable network. Less than one year after its birth, DRINK CHAMPS blended from radio into the television world on one of the biggest music channels on cable.  The first series of episodes aired on November 24, 2017.

    DRINK CHAMPS is a movement. It gives artists a new way to communicate information, and an even better way for us to receive it.”, says N.O.R.E.

    The guests are asked questions about their careers in the music business, their successes, struggles and other random, crazy questions from N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN.  The old adage, “a drunk heart speaks a sober mind.”, keeps this show interesting, as your favorite artists tell stories about themselves and the industry that shock and amuse us!

    DJ EFN adds, "It allows the fans to be a “fly on the wall” during conversations they may not otherwise have heard from their favorite artists.”  Don't miss your chance to be a part of the experience. New episodes of DRINK CHAMPS air every Friday on REVOLT TV


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    CHINA MAC, born Raymond Yu, hails from Brooklyn, N.Y.  He is a shining example of how one can turn his life completely around. MAC, who once led a life of crime and violence,is now an up-and-coming Rap artist, entrepreneur and owner of his very own record label, RED MONEY RECORDS.

    His father was part of the Flying Dragons, a well-known and extremely violent Chinese American gang. He admits that acceptance was the driving force behind him joining the gang.
    His life of crime eventually led to him serving an 11-year prison sentence. “I did a lot of stupid shit. I did a lot of stuff to cause pain and grief for people that didn’t deserve it. For that I regret it. I did some other things where I hurt people that didn’t deserve it. Now as I’m older, in retrospect, I look back at it with an air of ‘I shouldn’t have done that.’ But you live and you learn. If I didn’t do those things I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

    MAC was introduced to hip-hop at 8 years old and quickly fell in love with it. As a teenager, he would write rhymes and and engage in freestyle battles whenever the opportunity presented itself.
    Upon his release from prison, he decided to follow his passion for music. He began recording professionally with his engineer H.D.M.I. at SIGNATURE SOUNDZ STUDIOS in Jamaica, Queens.

    He attracted a buzz almost immediately! All of the time he spent in prison perfecting his emcee skills was finally paying off. The word spread quickly about this Chinese-American rapper named CHINA MAC, who spit bars like a machine gun. This was the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

    The studio became his second home. To date, MAC has recorded songs with some of Hip-Hops best and brightest emcees, such as JADAKISS, DAVE EAST, YOUNG MA and COREY GUNZ.
    His latest single, “Johnny Dang”, will be released on May 25,2017. The video for “Johnny Dang”, as well as his other videos, are available for viewing on YouTube.

    In addition to his RED MONEY RECORDS music label and other business ventures, CHINA MAC continues to tell his story in hopes of inspiring young men to follow their dreams and not sell themselves short with a life of crime. He was recently featured in a documentary on Rikers Island correctional facility, titled “RIKERS”, which premiered November 15, 2017 on PBS’ channel THIRTEEN.

    CHINA MAC is living proof that the mistakes we make in life do not have to dictate the rest of our lives and stop our dreams.
    Be on the lookout for more dope music anfrom Hip-Hop’s next best thing. His latest mixtape “GRINDING” is currently available on BandCamp, SoundCloud and YouTube. Check it out!

    Twitter: @ChinaMacMusic
    Instagram: @ChinaMacMusic, @REDMONEYRECORDS
    FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/MusicChinaMac
    SnapChat: SUNYUNGGUY
    New Video “Johnny Dang” link: youtu.be/-csyLi1djt0

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    Embarking on a business trip to Jamaica, and ignoring (just a little bit) all the amazing things the Island has to offer, including the beautiful beaches and food, isn’t easy. But our travel to unearth the next hottest unsigned hip-hop artist in the Island was fruitful. 
    Our travel landed us in the Island’s capital, Kingston, where the bustling neighborhoods are no stranger to good music – or crime. In 2014, the city jumped up to the sixth highest murder rate for any city worldwide. The birthplace of Reggae superstars Buju Banton, Beenie Man, and none other than the legendary Bob Marley has pumped out many hitmakers through the years, making it the perfect place for us to start our digging. 

    And we learned quite quickly it’s the struggle that churns out the smoothest beats. Within minutes after our arrival, the crew realized just how things get down in Kingston.  The rugged, but inviting city provided us quite the experience. The trip started off with a little hiccup when our cabbie’s car literally blew up as we waited to head off to our hotel. But, by chance, the cabbies friend, Winsome, ended up being the key to finding our hot artist. 

    Winsome, a Kingston native with an ear for hip-hop music, hipped us to the area while she assumed the position of our tour guide. She took us to her friends beauty salon and there we got perspectives invaluable to our search before she got us over to our hotel. Two days later Winsome gave us a call and told us about a young artist by the name of FameStylez, whose music encompasses all aspects of the struggles, mystical beauty, and uniqueness of the island. Within hours we had FameStylez on the line and a couple hit records in tow. As a treat to our subscribers, we brought back a couple of his hits to the states.

    Click the link below and let us know what you think about the next hottest unsigned artist. Kingston stand up!



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  • Hot new artist LiL RAFE!

    SouthSide Jamaica, Queens has a diamond in the ruff by the name of Tyise Troy Garrett aka LiL RAFE.

    RAFE was introduced to rap music at a very young age. "My family is full of music lovers, so growing up in that environment it was hard not to recite words from the different songs they would play. That's how I started rapping."

    As he grew older, his love for rap music grew and he decided that he wanted to make his own music. "I envisioned myself creating my own style of music and seeing the impact it would leave on people. I believe musicians have the power to shift nations and I plan on being one of those artists who really makes a difference."

    As a young black man coming up in SouthSide, Jamaica Queens, please believe RAFE has seen and been through a hell of a lot. "I've gone through the worst and I can relate to the world. As an artist I want to use my voice to speak on different issues such as murder, drug use, police brutality, dysfunctional black families. There are so many black homes with no father present because he is in prison. This brings sadness and misery to our strong, black women and unhappy moms often neglect their children emotionally. I want to help find a solution to this problem and effect change for my generation."

    RAFE has been rapping since he was a little kid. "Yo, I was so little really going to the studio and trynna spit my bars. (laughing) People weren't taking me seriously because I was so young. I had schoolwork and stuff to worry about then, but now that I’m older people can see that I am serious about my music. I’ve been putting in major work in the studio and really focusing on my craft. I'm very proud to say that I actually put out good, authentic music!"

    He describes his style as naturally rawand uncut. "I come at you with a different aura, a different vibe than other artists. It's like I've been here before or something! I'm often told that I have an old soul and a raw mentality and both of those qualities are displayed in my music." 

    RAFE's distinctive voice and effortless delivery certainly make him one of one.

    He is inspired by his favorite rapper, Lil Baby and the late, great Nipsey Hussle. "When I was younger I admired 50 Cent and Michael Jackson. Now I will listen to any genre of music as long as it has meaning and a good rhythm to it."

    RAFE has great big dreams that include becoming the highest selling and wealthiest artist of all time. "Not only do I want hundreds of platinum records, I want to be known for being the most powerful and influential artist. An artist who made great strides for my culture. I actually want to bring change to my community the way NIPSEY did. I want to bring people together and create a better route for up-and-coming artists like myself. An environment where we can learn, grow and become successful. I want to create other ways for my black people to eat. We need more authentic music, affluence in our communities and and more black owned businesses."

    His latest projects,the "First Quarter" EP and the single, "Opp Pack" are currently available for streaming on all digital music platforms.

    Look out for new music from LiL RAFE this summer. His new album, "This Ain't Enough", will be dropping on June 16th!

    Stay tuned to hear what this talented, young visionary emcee will bless us with this time around!

    Instagram: @RafeAura

    "First Quarter" EP:



    "Opp Pack" single:



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